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Young Nudy - Judge Scott Convicted lyrics

Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?

Did what I did what I had to nigga
I done robbed a lot of niggas 'cause I had to nigga
I ain't have no food on the table nigga
I ain't have no motherfucking cable nigga
Mama didn't have no job, we would stay with niggas
Had to go and get that gun so we were able nigga
Yeah, and I would run in them streets
Lowkey with the heat
I ain't have no fucking daddy
Yeah that gun was my pappy
Yeah that bitch made shit happen
Yeah that bitch started clapping
I was in the hood for real, young nigga started trapping
Fell in love with that rug and I swear it turned me up
Fell in love with them hundred dollars, I swear I ran it up
Fell in love with them bitches, man I swear I love to fuck
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Where them percs at dawg?
Shit, you can pass me a molly, I go brazy on your ho
You can pass me a perc, I go slow up on the stroke
You can pass me the lean, I be sippin until I'm gone
God damn, rollin' up the gas so I can't think straight
So I can't think straight
Sippin' on the lean just to make the pain fade
I see a lot of niggas like to hate on the slime
Hate shit turn it to a motherfuckin' crime
God damn nigga I was motherfuckin' cryin'
All the time, you bitchin' all the time
I'm in the street for real, I'm gettin' this money all the time
You should've made this money, ‘stead of motherfuckin' cryin'
'cause I be getting this shit all the motherfuckin' time
Ain't flexing, but real convicted felon
I keep that felon on me and my dogs they not telling
I don't fuck with pussy, if you lame I don't smell it
I know you wasn't with me
Same niggas from day one, they on the block still with me

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