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Young Nudy - First Day Out lyrics

[Verse 1]:
I ain't going back to jail nigga fuck 12
Tryna hold me down pussy yeah I paid bail
Pussy nigga snitchin' so they tried to give me 12 (years)
Plus a mother fuckin' L
Elbow, hell nah I got those
Jugged a mothafucka for a elbow
Caught his ass down bad right on Gresham Road
Did his ass real bad right at the Texaco
Then I split that shit off right on Bouldercrest Road
Right there at the mother fuckin' Texaco
Yeah… at the Texaco… at the Texaco

[Verse 2]:
Bitch im Bouldercrest shawty
Gotta keep a 40
These niggas claim they bout it where's yo 40?
Nudy got that 30 hanging out the end of yo 40
I ain't never seen you walking with that Glock 40
That 40 with that 30 with that extension is you wit it?
You know i like them 30s you can call me king extension
And all my money stenchin' yea it take a long distance
To try to touch a nigga like me is you tripping
You must ain't got not heart
Pussy nigga I ain't got no heart
You must think you the one thought you was gon' pull my card
You must got me fucked up boy do I look like your broad
Mother fucker do I look like a dildo I ain't no toy
I will do you down bad
I will do you wrong
You better stay in the child's play cause little boy you not grown
I pull up to yo house I'll take shit straight to yo home
And you know I'm bout that Georgia shit yeah I'm takin off yo dome

(load up another one fuck that! We gon' spray all this shit up i don't give a fuck!)
I hate these fake ass niggas (all that fake ass gangsta shit…. pussy!)

[Verse 3]:
First of all…
They wanna be a gangsta then they turn into a bitch
They wanna be a shooter but they turn into a snitch
They got money on my head but nigga I ain't scared of shit
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They claimed they tried to off me nigga i ain't dead yet
Where the fuck the checks at
Where the fuck yo shooters at
Where the fuck them gangsters at that you talking bout
Where the fuck them shooters that claim they pulled up at my house
Well they won't pull up right now
Still the same young nigga with that 30 hanging out
Still the same young nigga that'll shoot yo mamas house
Clock that mother fucker with a hundred round drum
I don't give a fuck I'll spark that bitch up
That bitch looking just like the Fourth of July
420 bitch smoke that blunt cause I stay high
Nigga you not built like I
You more like that mother fucker named T.I
I'm more like Gucci pussy yea I like shooting
Don't make me catch a body bitch @ my slime Nudy
I don't care bout bitches I just fuck all these groupies
And treat these hoes like speds cause all these hoes stupid

[Verse 4]:
Nigga shoot at my van bitch I'm bussing back
I ain't put 12 wit no nigga ion know nothin bout that
Nigga shoot my grandma house so bitch I'm bussin' back
I ain't put 12 on no nigga ion know bout that
Mama ain't raise no hoe
Mama raised me a kick door
Mama told me as a young nigga
Better go get you some dough
So first thing came to my head i need a Glock that hold 30 more
Soon as I kicked my first door
I found bout a brick or fuckin' more

They ain't know
I ain't know
Shit, so fuck em
They ain't gotta know
If they ain't know, then we don't know neither
Fuck all them mother fuckas
All them mother fuckas telling
First nigga talk gansta be the last nigga to go fuck with 12
Boy you's a bitch!

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