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Young M.A - Dreams lyrics

Ay yo the bottom line is, I'm a dyke with a do
Dildo to be exact, my pipe game is real
I had dreams of f**ing an industry b**h
Now listen, pay attention, why read my lips
Lauren London, I could just picture us f**ing
You had a baby by Wayne so I ain't eating your muffin
Megan Good, damn I know that head game good
With those lips, I swear I'd turn you out if I could
I know you're married and no disrespect to your man
I been a fan, so f**ing you was part of my plan
And [?] I met you, don't act like you don't know me
And yeah, I'll commit sins for Chipotle
Take you to the crib, you drink Henny and Rosé
I do circles with my tongue, call it ring around the rosie
My s** game on fleek
So don't think I can't take Nicki Minaj from Meek
Get her in them sheets, she riding it like a Honda
Tell her a** up, put in my anaconda
Yo Rihanna, I heard you get around
f** them n***as, you ain't heard dykes in style?
Put the strap on, put it all in your tummy
When we finish, b**h better have money
I'm a player, I have more hoes than Santa
From New York to Atlanta, women calling me handsome
When I saw Jazzy Bell I didn't think nothing of her
Til I turned around, f** the cake, she got the oven, lord
The things I'd do, but we gon' keep that between me and you

This ain't serious
I know you straight girls are curious
So I take 'em home, make 'em moan and sh**
Young M.A, how it feel to f** an industry chick?

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This ain't serious
I know you straight girls are curious
So I take 'em home, make 'em moan and sh**
Young M.A, how it feel to f** an industry chick?

I made love to Ciara right in front of the camera
Amber Rose, she can get it, right in front of the mirror
I'm a freak though, got women lined up like a free throw
So open up and let me put it in like a cheat code
And you miss delicious, looking very delicious
If we f**ed, sh** I'd probably be in love when we finished
Blacc Chyna, your body looking right and all
Take off them drawers and let me feel them china walls
Black women, white women, sh** I like 'em all
Spanish, Asian, Russian, sh** I'll try 'em all
Ca**ie, I'll f** her right in my back seat
With the radio on, listening to Blackstreet
By a back street, with a city view on that street
And f** her 'til she sweat, make that pretty hair nappy
Kylie Jenner, do you f** with the same gender?
Will you let me have s** with you and one of your sisters?
Foreplay, I can beat it up in four ways
Wear your a** out, have you sleeping for four days
And I ain't tryna make nobody offended
But honestly fi I really want her goods I can get it
Do it on a desk, really give her the business
My dildo is big, I really give her some inches
After this, I know I'ma hear a lot of opinions
Everybody judging, criticizing over their feelings
But I don't give a f**
Tell your girl come to me if she wanna bust a nut
Let me take her home, make her moan and sh**
Young M.A, now that's how you f** an industry chick, huh?

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