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Young M.A - Body Bag lyrics

I'm 'bout to talk my shit
Brooklyn, what up?
M.A nigga

I'm on some undefeated shit, now I can't lose
Get in the game I act a damn fool
Get a mansion out in Cancun, the size of a damn school
I gotta grind, now I can't snooze
That's your bitch but she a fan too
I asked her 'where your man at?', she said 'my man who?'
I do shit that you can't do, cause nigga I'm the damn truth
My money long like bamboo
No top on the damn coupe, the haters like 'damn you!'
Man, shoot if I can't lose just imagine what I can do
I'm at their heads like shampoo
Bitch I made it like I planned to
And I'm hot, fuck around and catch a 10-2
I ran to my dreams and my whole team ran too
Posted up with the damn crew
[?] that's my man too
Big Meech, Tweety Twiz, [?] Eli all my niggas out in [?] that's the fam too
Them haters mad because I came out the damn blue
And murdered everything and everybody in the damn room
Them haters like 'god damn I can't stand you'
But I just smile back and count money 'til my hands blue
Peep my damn shoes, the shirt and the pants too
Partner outfit but my style is too damn rude
I'm the shit nigga, do you get the damn clue
I'm shitting on her, him, them, y'all and you
I swallow pussy like I can't chew
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And I had that bitch going to a shock, now she can't move
Leave me alone haters I ain't in the damn mood
Fuck around and have my face on the damn news
Hit the block, pull up in something brand new
White coupe, red seats, Campbell's canned soup
I don't hang with lames, naw I'm too damn cool
But I'm on fire in the damn booth
I'm the best to ever do it and this here is the damn prove
Got niggas shaking in their damn boots
Cause they can't fuck with me like a bitch with a red cooch
Get it, fuck it, now I'm 'bout to kill it
Niggas wanna do collabs, naw nigga I ain't with it
Cause you trash and that bullshit you spitting I ain't feeling
Grown men hating on me, bitch niggas in they feelings
Y'all niggas got a clitoris
Niggas must be on they period
Niggas must be bi-curious
But I don't take you niggas serious
Just put that dot on your head, cause I don't fuck with you niggas period
Basic ass niggas, old hating ass niggas
Had a dream they was pursuing, but never made it ass niggas
Is that the reason, why you mad
Well you, you and him, y'all sucked the dick I never had
Now I'm taking niggas bitches and I'm fucking them with a strap
And send her back home to you and throw her ass right in the cab
I'm a disrespectful nigga even without the Henny
But it's a whole 'nother story when that liquor get up in me
I'm cocking guns back and I'm hitting niggas kidneys
Ain't shit about me friendly, got them big B's with me
I ain't talking 'bout them Bentley's
I'm talking bout them niggas that walk around with them semis
That'll pop you for them pennies, nigga

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