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Young M.A - Act'n Up lyrics

[Intro: Young M.A]
Oh shit
Now I'm acting up
Now I'm acting up
Gotta let me in
Now I'm acting up

[Chorus: Young M.A]
Now I'm acting up
I'm here now
Tell em pack it up
I got the act up
They try to act up
I'm tooled up
Tell em back up
Hit the club
Through a rack up
Now I'm acting up
Now, it's time to act up
Oh, now I'm acting up
Now I'm acting up
Now I'm acting up

[Verse 1: Young M.A]
Told motherfuckers, Ima make it
Been about 10 years I been waiting
I swear these new niggas overrated
Who am I?
I'm history in the making
I'm just grinding cause I'm here to make the bacon
And if it's hard for me to make it
Ima take it
Ima load up that 7 .45
And if a nigga disrespect
They gotta die
I ain't scared to look a nigga in his eye
And you will never see fear inside of mines
I got an I don't give a fuck mental
And if that pussy running up
Man down
Tell these labels come fuck with the girl
But these niggas can't fuck with the girl
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And you know, I keep the Paingang with me
And you know, they turn up for the girl
All these women wanna fuck with the girl
And for a buck, she a slut for the girl
But if she ain't tryna get a head up
She gotta go cause thats a must for the girl
Hold on, Ima be an issue
I'm about to make these hating niggas like [?]
I hope you comprehend
I hope its getting through
Cause what I'm finna do is put some [?] in that [?]

[Chorus: Young M.A]

[Verse 2: Young M.A]
I drank the whole Henny bottle
Now I'm bangin'
And this bitch I got with me is a 10
Brownskin, pretty thing, kinda thick
But for some odd reason
I keep looking at her friend
(Oh, I'm acting up)
Boy I came here to win
So why the fuck you niggas came here again?
Cause you ain't doing what you speaking
You ain't speaking what you doing
You talk loud
But your money on mute
I been getting money
Nigga this ain't nothing new
All I do is get money
Cause ain't nothing else to do
Fuck you worried about me for?
Worry about you
I don't even know you niggas
I don't even have a clue
Who the fuck you niggas is
Or what the fuck you niggas do
So you can't judge me
Unless you walking in my shoes
So back back
For I click clack
Make you snooze
And have all you hating ass niggas on the news

[Chorus: Young M.A]

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