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Young M.A - 6 God (Freestyle) lyrics

I heard niggas sleeping on me
And I got the heater just incase they creeping on me
Niggas booking me for shows 'cuz they know that im a problem
Tell my niggas get a plate, we gon eat, nomore starving
Big homie Li thats my muhfuckin nigga
And the big homie Jay said imma make you richer
Im workin' workin' workin' January to December
Gotta grind cuz ain't nothing like the feeling of a winner
Im trynna live life got a lot on my agenda
In puerto rico ridin' 4 wheelers in the winter
I wanna be a boss, Ion wanna be a killer
And yeah I got the work but ion wanna be a dealer
I wanna be something muhfuckas can remember
Ya niggas yelling sign her somebody better get her
I remember when you rappers ain't never wanna listen
MA you gotta chill, nah nigga I ain't finish
Its time you pay attention, A beast is in existence
Fuck having bars, nigga im the prison
Ion see no competition, only money in my vision
Yo MA they hatin on you, its funny that you mention
Cuz first they hate on you, then they duplicate ya image
Yeah you could say im wack, that ain't a fact thats ya opinion
And yeah you prolly rap, but that dont mean you gifted
You could talk about money, but that dont mean you get it ahhh man
Ya done got me heated cuz all you niggas trash, it must be what you eat
Yo why the fuck these niggas breathing
Yo tell these wack rappers beat it
Im grindin' all mornin' all noon and all evening
No resting no nappin' no laying no sleeping
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We working all weeeeek and all weekend
The hustle is a drug so fuck it im OD-ing
And I know you dykes watchin me, I already peeped it
You could never bee me so pussy keep dreaming
Im a nightmare, this pipe here leave you right there
Red Liiife, thats the gang we dont fight fair
Im so ahead of you niggas, light-years
Check after check after check no night airs
Put the hot thing to ya head leave a price there
They like that's a nigga spitting, nah thats a dyke there
Put ya money where ya mouth at or put the mic there
Im gettin' money, bitches wanna cuff, dont have time there
She said she want paradise well I can bring ya mind there
Open up ya legs put my mmm all inside there
Im a queen with a K sitting in my high chair
Nigga im from Brooklyn you could lose ya life there
Niggas can't rap and they people lyin' to em
Nigga im a beast im a fucking lion to em
Ooo you ain't tuff, why the fuck you lying to em
Thats the type of shit that make me put the iron to em
Put the fire to em
Fuck a lion, im a giant to em
Got the wolves with me and I can have you crying to em
Cry wolf cry wolf pussy cry wolf !
50 K racks
Lookin' like 5 books
Get money
Stop worrying 'bout me cuz nobody heard of you but everybody heard of me
M.A !

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