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Young M.A - Oh My Gawdd lyrics

Tunnel vision on cyclops, you bozos in my blind spots
Cause I can't see y'all, my level is on sky box
Got the game locked, I'm on top like a shot clock
I can do this sh** on one leg like it's hop scotch
I be where them cops not, I be where them Glocks pop
Pain got the Glock cocked, put it to your snap box
Shawty make it pop lock when I'm in that thot box
My dildo stay hard, yeah, I got that rock cock (OOOUUU)
I say what I wanna say
Dykes got my name in they mouth every other day
Talking on the internet, f** it, I'ma sip to that
Cause if I really wanted to I could put a end to that
M.A. been a threat, call me "Mrs. Get Her Wet"
Cold hearted, fly n***a b**hes call me winter fresh
I'm back on my bullsh**
Still in the hood on my hood sh**
Still walk in the corner store buy a wood tip
Still got the P-89 with the full clip, still
Still buy the four chicken wings from the Chinese
Still run up on Mr. Softy for that ice cream
Still looking at a fat a** in them tight jeans
Still I'ma shine on these n***as like a high beam, still
I had a great year though
Thought they could get rid of me, but I'm still here though
Did a lot of interviews, made a couple business moves
So before you judge me step into my tennis shoes
Record label owner, no college diploma
They know me on the west coast, shout out to Tacoma
South by Southwest concert
I sold out Webster Hall without a sponsor
('Cause I'm a monster)
Now this year I'm about to go bonkers
Got the city locked from Brooklyn to Yonkers
Made a lot of thousands, but still I can count it
Now these checks 'bout be bigger than the pockets
Sleepwalkin', throw 'em in the coffin
The feedback was crazy, real n***as support it
Put it out for free and the streams was enormous
Put it out on ITunes and still peeped up on it
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I call that love
I'm what every girl want, I call UGGs
How you hate, but you listening, I call that bug
Save it, you want stuff, man, I call that dove
When I wanna hit the club I just call that plug
Redlyfe, we a family, I call that blood
When they see who the best out I am that stud
Man, they can't f** with me, are they on that drug?
Went from spitting bars on that Hot 9 station
Now you hear that "henny and some hoes" in rotation
Man, this feeling is amazing
And this freestyle feel like Rap City basement
I remember listening to Fifty (Yo, Fifty)
Now you see me on Thisis50
Out here making big moves
My next plan is a house with 'bout six rooms
With a big backyard I can land on
Somewhere I can call home without a landlord
My life 'bout to be a movie, where the camcord'?
Blowing through the money like the fan on
Stacks, rubberband on
If I was you I would hate me too
And if I wasn't who I am I would play me too
But now I'm here, and you stuck with me, crazy glue
But isn't that ironic 'cause I'm crazy too
Saw me on Fox 5 in that Yankee blue
So chill, gold grill, braids two by two
Competition, tell me who is that?
In the bank is where I'm cooling that
Never new to that, I'm true to that
Got waste, where the sewage at?
Ghetto fix, where the super at?
I be in Brooklyn where the shooters at
They throwing shots then I'm shooting back
New n***as, don't got room for that
To ya level, never stoop to that
sh**, I would be a fool for that
I got the crown, never losing that
I beat the p**y 'til it's blue and black
I like 'em older, where the cougars at?

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