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Young M.A - EAT lyrics

[Verse: Young M.A]
It's Red Lyfe(2x)
Nobody safe anymore
Had to wake you n***as up
I couldn't wait anymore
Got so much sh** on my mind
Couldn't think anymore
I swear when this album drop
They gonna hear me some more
You gonna see red everywhere
Like a steak when it's raw
f** around and call me M.A Shakur
Imma take them to war
Top of the hill
That's me waving that sword
Couldn't wait to be on
These rappers hate to be born
Speaking of birth, I just wanna thank my mother
For having me after she had my brother
All that pain and that suffer
She ain't just have us natural the doctors they had to cut her
C section but what a blessing
Who would've guessed that the next best is
Nobody expected, me a she
n***a, accept it I'm here
I swear to god I ain't scared of these n***as
Damn, I'm must really profane these n***as
Because they call me a dyke, a faggot, a gay b**h
I ain't sh**, that hate sh**, that hatred, goddamn
That just make them look less of a man, fam
And to sit on y'all is part of the damn plan
They just mad cause I beat the p**y like bam bam
Because I'm making these b**hes twerk on a handstand
Nobody's talking that talk, the walk I talk it dude
Word to Skype, how I see it is how I call it dude
I open doors that they walking through
Not to brag but it's important, too
Cause they'll forget like I ain't k**ed sh**
Like an abortion true
Don't you knew it's Redlyfe, n***a we call it red if you call it blue
And while you guys, too busy bringing them foreign through
Yeah, flexing and stunting, doing what ballers do
I leave with your b**h at the same club you brought her too
If she a cougar, I tell her to bring her daughter too
When I was broke, I never hated I just waited to flex
Cause in my mind I already I knew I was next
Now I all I do is finesse
Straight bands got a few in his TEC
Like Jeff [?] all I do is collect
My stress level up but this is what I do when I'm stressed
I make her go down like the sun doing the set
I hear you talking but I don't consider you as a threat
Like what's the name? You don't consider who as a threat?
Exactly, it's M.A n***a I move as a threat
They tryna knock me and it's funny cause they doing they best
Shake the haters off like a dog doing his wet
I'm one down on them like dog doing the fetch
Rollie face blue look like somebody losing they breath
It's cool, they can hate still ain't losing a check
Real n***as know what's up, I ain't losing respect
I'm like blah I let the bars move through your flesh
The more fame, the more problems man believe me
But I ain't going nowhere n***a, they need me
I eat this hating sh** for breakfast, ah they feed me
To beat me is like climbing mountains, the three peaks
n***as mad cause my b**h bad
We throw ones on strippers
Then we watch them stuff racks in they tip bag
I used to sell O's by the zip bag
Now me smoke foutons, not no zig zags
My goons in the fields, not the internet
I hate when n***as use the internet to send a threat
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FED's watching, so we ain't really into that
That's your life, you gotta live with that
When that hate don't work they start telling lies
That's real sh**, that's why these haters becoming like flies
Get it, don't let these lines go over your mind
But I'ma keep sh**ting, on 'em I hope you don't mind
All that hating and they still ain't paid, yet
By the way, I got a 100 bands stuffed in these bae sweats
Got bags full of money, still ain't been to the bank yet
Not really have time to deposit these chase checks
I used to chase checks, now that money coming
I'm talking fast, real fast like that money running
Blue dye on my hands from all that money touching
Blue dye on my pants from all that money rubbing
Damn, I got a lotta bash for that phone sh**
Just the ones that think they know, but never know sh**
Shawty knew I was just playing on some joke sh**
Yeah, the Henny played a part we drunk the whole sh**
Man, they gotta understand this is just some road sh**
We just be f**ing around, regular show sh**
I wasn't gonna say nothing was gonna hold sh**
But they made it seem like I was on some hoe sh**, never that
I been humble and I'm still humble
And to the ones who turned on me, I still love you
[?] said 'bro f** 'em they gon' still bump you'
And all these hoes that wanna f** you, they gon' still want to
You know haters gon' dickride they gon' still s** you
And all these groupie n***as they gon' still bug you
Just don't let the devil take your good spirits from you
Just pay on it, stay focused keep your vision tunneled
I love my team, I swear it's like we move in a huddle
I don't let this sh** affect me, I move in a bubble
I swear my haters move in a bundle
It's like they all come together like a f**ing puzzle
Til that thing go click like a seat buckle
But I just smoke and sip the Henny 'til I'm seeing double
My money long I can't afford to even be in trouble
Accomplished so much I ain't tryna see it crumble
Been working so much that I don't even see the hustle
I just been flexing like you seen a muscle
Fighting these demons they don't see the rumble
Hold the ball, they rather see you fumble
You [?] low, they rather be above you
You need a drink, naw I need a couple
I'm just being honest, I'm being real
I swear I'm being modest
I don't gotta be fly, I'm fly in my pockets
I rather invest money and triple my profit
The fliest n***as be broke and it's eating they conscience
Cause they pretend and they try to wear all these designers
You call it designer, I call it disguising
MA speaking that knowledge, yeah I had to remind 'em
Gotta preach 'em that real
Gotta teach 'em that trill
In this game is no love, either k** or be k**ed
I get head from your b**h and it's f** how they feel
I ain't tryna be funny but I get dough like a deal
Give me all attention, I need all the attention
Bout to drop me a tape, collect all the commission
My goons ready for war, told 'em hold they position
They like MA are you sure I'm ready to blow with the Smith &
But they don't understand controversy made me hot
So how the f** think you the haters gon' make me stop
They forgot that Dr. Watkins post made me pop
I love this sh**, this the sh** that really made me guap
Anyway I'm done talking to 'em, back to this money
Some of y'all is a joke and I laugh cause it's funny
But I'ma go and sip this tea, yo pa** me the honey
It's M.A and I'm back on my bully


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