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Young M.A - Brooklyn (Chiraq Freestyle) lyrics

Ahhh man
The squad is here RedLyfe Pain Gang
Yall ready know I'm happy errybody did they chiraq
Now the squads bout to get on this shit and straight murder everything
Brooklyn style yall ready know nigga
It's Young M.A remember that nigga

My squad is a bunch a niggas with no manners
We hold hammers
Better duck when the gun flash no cameras
No jammin' my gun blammin'
Your bullets flying but not landing
Got damn it my hands cramping this big cannon do big damage
Heat on my side my hip tanning
My nigga Dej keep the grip now
They shot my nigga like 5 times but he's still alive and his still standing
B.I.P to my big bro from 88 to 09 I swear to god it would be problems if that nigga was still alive
Tell these niggas don't fuck with me I'm not in the right state of mind
Put the desert eagle to his forehead and make the nigga have a change of mind
Stop talking that tough shit cuz you dyke bitches ain't bout that
Heard niggas out here rattin so I had to set up my mouse traps
Blow a stack and I bounce back
Hit me up for that loud pack
Got shishkaberry, got cookie kush got white widow a whole pound of that
Fuck a squad im 3 deep
You got 10 niggas that's 10 sheep
Plus these pussy niggas don't want beef
Cuz they all chicken 10 piece
I'm in crown heights, I'm in bedstuy, I'm in Brownsville I'm in C.I
I'm in east New York where them things bump
If a nigga die we don't talk

That's Brooklyn nigga
Then tek 9s a cook a nigga
Turn his brains into puddin nigga
I'm not a killer but don't push a nigga
I swear to god I will pull it nigga
Middle finger to them lookin niggas
You say you got shooters on the roof well I got shooters in the bushes nigga
Never ever been a pussy type
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But I know a lot of pussy dykes
Your shits trash and you can't rap
And the engineer shoulda took your mic
You ain't a thug you the mushy type
Fall in love and be hooked for life
You the type that'll kill your bitch if she tried to leave n get booked for life

I'm really a calm nigga but the niggas round me is really rowdy
I'm the type if iuno fuck witchu
Don't come near me don't come around me
This loud pack that we smokin on got the whole car lookin really cloudy
I'm ridin roun in that white Chevy but I'm next whip is that black Audi schherrrr
It's Brooklyn nigga that's kings county
Niggas hate and don't know a thing about me
Only real niggas I bring around me

Fuck Ya foreigns
I rock Jordan's with a tank top and a Jesus piece
That flashy shit you niggas wearing really don't mean shit to me
I got young boys that'll rob You
For your ACs and Credit cards to
With that 380 it ain't hard to
Cooperate or they sparkin you
I was born alone
Ima die alone fuck friends I don't need any
I love money, I get money , I got money and I got plenty

Mr Hayes when they let you out
I'm right there with them weapons out
You a fake blood a disloyal nigga and they gone Have to bring them stretchers
Cuz I'm not playing
20 shots, pussy clot to your chest nigga
You killed my brother now you rest nigga
Naw fuck that I got more to say
I know these hoes ain't loyal
Muhfucka I wasn't born today
Fuck M.O.B I'm M.O.E
I'm just Tryna grind and duck the Ds
I told niggas I don't gang bang but for my bro
I throw up the Bs
Pain Gang, RedLyfe
Don't fuck with them and don't fuck with me
This is Brooklyn nigga what the fuck you mean!

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