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Young Lito - Against The World lyrics

[Verse 1]
I said Lord, I need an award
I had no money, now I spend it when I'm bored
I came from the bottom, they say ‘damn, that n***a saw it'
I feel my haters' pain every time that I record
They say I'm too much
I was down, guess I done moved up
Money make ‘em hate a n***a more than the Ku Klux
You dude's chuck, get a couple dollars, then move ses
Them few bucks?—Wifey spent more on her new butt
They say a n***a changed now, ‘cause I'm gettin' change now
And I stay in something foreign, I ain't on the train now
I ain't on the A, but I'm probably in the A
Or somewhere out in LA, mobbing with my n***a Dre
I do whatever I want, I mean whatever I say
[If you cool?] stay out my way, you'll get hit by a stray
I'm young, wild, and so foul, f** a ref
See this Tec ‘ll go ‘blahh-oww', and take your breath
I'm so fresh and so clean, and yet a mess
My eyes red, my dope green, just like the Jets
See n***a, I blew money before it was blue money
You n***as is too funny, your re-up is shoe money

Living amongst vandals, we hooligan'ed up
[Never maneuver with no handle, I shoot in a clutch?]
[He ain't with us?], f**, he was doing too much
You ever smoke a blunt and feel like it's just you and the Dutch
Against the world that we be in, locked with a key in?
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Can't escape the hate even in a drop BM
[Ride, this sh** rising, I'm poppin' your BM?]
No surprise, why you think they roll their eyes when they see him?

[Verse 2]
Still on that same sh** I've been on
I'm trying to get rich, y'all still tryin' to get on
The bench is what you sit on
I'm really in the game, y'all just n***as that I sh** on
Homie, I'm a legend, when I die I'm ‘a live on
I came up when that other n***a had gave up
I flamed up, I'm on fire, now who could tame us?
Wrist like Mr. Freeze, neck like Mr. T's
Uncle tried to kick knowledge, I said ‘Mister, please'
I don't think these books gon' get me a Lambo
So I'm ‘a write these raps and let all of these grams go
For the low, ‘cause I'm about to blow up
Then sh** on these hatin' a** n***as until they throw up
Man, every time I roll up, I'm fresh, looking like I just caught a Zoe
Nah, I'm just takin' bands every f**in' show
(You heard that?)
No more running out of [TD?]
I'm running in your girl when she see me on the TV
Neck all blingy, Loius V beanie
Hoppin' out the Six with the seats all creamy
Ask your little brother, bet the n***a wanna be me
I get whatever I want, it's like I've got a genie


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