Young Havoc - Pomf Pomf lyrics

[Verse 1: Daralon]
I got her in my bed like Pomf
Got her feeling so good she lost
She said "Do I look good in my favorite swimsuit?"
I said "Baby, just take it off"
Now she stuck like where the lights go
Clap on, clap off, and then they dim slow
Then I tell her there's one thing you must know
I only f** with real b**hes, no hoes
So if you schemin', you must be leaving
Holler YODO and then I'm speedin'
She said she don't need dick from me
She lost her man and she grieving
Then I tell her I'm a Kandy boy, welcome to my Kandy World
Come and play with this Kandy Toy, you are now a Kandy Girl

[Verse 2: Young Havoc]
My girls yell for Havoc when they walk up in my room

They go straight to the bed cause they know the d is coming soon
They be giving me that university brain, scholarship
I give her the dick for free cause I know she ain't paying for sh**
I tell her no tuition when I f** her in the kitchen
She know that your boy is deep sea driving just like I'm fishing
When she gripping and I'm dipping
Flip her over, new position
And my APEX n***as in the back and they all listen to her

[Verse 3: Dillon McCluskey]
Grabbing on my microphone, you can rock my stage
She use my dick as a bookmark, we on the same page
Turn the little red light on, she start to get a little timid
She said she's never been on camera, obviously you ain't one of my b**hes
Yeah this sh** is Pomf Pomf, grabbing on her pom poms
Grabbing on my buton, lost in that p**y, need a Tom Tom
Recording her moaning, put it in my track
I don't care, I still f** you watching Samurai Jack (Hazzah)

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