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Young Dictionary - Welcome to my world lyrics

[verse 1]
Hold the applause and pause for these lryical bars
That hit you so hard it's like you stop to listen to god
I listen to frauds, but only really picture these broads
As a collage of a** and titties of Nicki Minaj
It ain't fair to compare any garbage to the new kid
Who been lied to for so long don't even know what truth is
But truth is, i'm ruthless and quick to grab the mic and verbalize it
And if i'm a dick yall just make sure yall circumcise me
But lyrically you n***as ain't really hearing me
Cus if you were you would be fearing my superiority
Or quiver in my presence or shiver when you feel that you nearing me
I deliver a essence of this message which is so pleasant you would have to stop and think a second
And take a lyrical injection from a future legend
I always salute my legends
My mentors opposite and before this cheap noise
That's been brought and tought hip hop's thought has been destroyed!!

I've been here so long
The sight at what's going wrong
But yall do yall
And imma do me
Guarentee im gone ball
And that's how its gone be
I'm taken over,(2x)
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But it's far from over

[verse 2]
Round two and if you haven't learn by now who
Supplied you with all that surround you
Let the future legendary dictionary
Spit a flow colder then february though my vison blurry
I ain't never worry just tryna become a missionary
I'm in that kitchen early my tension scary
Tryna get my point across
I'm up all night and it's like one o clock
No need for no gun to cock
My words are my ammunition
I hope you paying attention since this is your chance to listen
My pamper missing got damn i'm sh**ting
I gotta a man in prison
And i rather write because i can't stand to visit
Rather he is family or just another friend to me but understandably
Its clear to me and clear to see all the snakes that try to bite
And fakes who try to write
But no topics to talk about
Look at the clock its time to bring the coffins out
Because they k**ing themselves but feeling themselves
But understand that your man right here, i'm the realest who else?


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