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Yoda - Momentary Happiness lyrics

(Verse 1)
He's a slave to his pain, momentary happiness straight to the brain
He wants to the stay with the caine, he's got two grams left
And God knows how much he loses his breath
When he, swallows his liquor til he gets sicker
Then when he sees himself in the mirror, ain't that a picture?
Growing out his beard to cover up his ugly face
Doing nothing with his life man what a f**ing waste
He's got no girl cause she just split
Cuz he's a piece of sh**
Drinks til hes stupid then goes out and cheats he needs to quit
Acting like he's gonna change for the better
She thinks that he's good, he thinks she's strange that she lets him
But he never fails to let everyone down
Sitting on the ground, tapping on the bottle he pounds
Thinking of his father, is this how he felt?
He holds the truth like a flame to his brain til he melts

And I hear the serpent laugh at me
Slithering in happily, happy for the tragedy, that I have just become
He tells me that he's getting close, closer to the final road
And though I know it isn't long, I just sing my song
Rain, rain, come my way, everytime I lie
I can feel me fall away I think I'm pa**ing by
Pain, pain, numbing me, I won't even cry
When you tell me, today's the day, that I am gonna die

(Verse 2)
She's a hollow girl, pills, drinks, swallows, hurls
A couple more times before she gets in her car
And she knows where she's going, a place to escape
She's so sick of this fake life, chasing a fate
That's expected of her, she goes to school, goes to church
Hasn't a clue what to do, so she prays and it hurts
Because she's laid in the dirt and begged for you to come help
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But you won't do it so she's gotta go through it herself
So she fakes that she's happy lies to make her parents proud
But when it comes to happiness, they themselves aren't very loud
Since she was a little kid, she was her mother's outlet
Mommy thinks dad's a piece of sh** she always hears about it
But now she's pulling up right in front of the house
Opens up the door and sees him on the floor by the couch
She sits next to him, does a line and hugs him
He kisses her wet cheek and she tells him she loves him


He does two more, and looks her in the eye
And tells her, she's beautiful
She does three more, and looks him in the eye
And tells him, he's beautiful

(Verse 3)
So there he is, drifting away from the pain
What's left os his family's disappointed he came
This low in his life a felon, a drug dealing drunk
And to him that Hotel California thing is something that sunk
And her she's stuck in a funk, getting good grades
Her family's well off and she's on her way to getting good pays
But no matter where she goes, she can't find the happiness
Two, three, four, now she too hears him laughing it's-
Getting close and she knows how he feels
Lost so many so close to him and slowly it builds
And he understands her suffering, she's a mess and it's cold
When there's nothing new to you there's no progress and it's old
So they go till they're numb, and he pulls out a blade
And they slice each other up then they hug till they fade
And in that moment they are happy, they don't care what'll happen
If the serpent's really in the room, he ain't the one laughin'


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