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Y'nik - Met This Girl lyrics

Everytime i walk in side the crib. I lay my head
down and think of you. Thinking bout what i
wanna do with you. Everytime i look in to your
eyes. I smile deep in side. Cause you brighten
up my day and all I wanna to say.

Met this girl a-round my way. I'm just trying to
figure out just what to say. I'm scared to look
at her. She swipes me off my feet. I found the
right words I love you.

Everytime i look at you girl. I see my life, my wife
and my hold wide world. I'm here for you. Never
gone leave. I'm into stay. You are my mind, body,
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and soul. (Chorus)

Loving you is what i wanna do for you baby. If I
Can't be with you it will drive me crazy.If I can't be with
you. I'll be your every fantasy. I can do things you
can't imagine. Only in your dreams yeah. O YEAH
Oyeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, eee. (Chorus)

Met this girl(3x)O Met this girl(3x) Met this Girl(3X)O

YEAH (hold 9sec) I met her i met this girl.

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