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YG - Addicted lyrics

[Hook: Jeezy]
Man, these hoes, oh
When it come to gettin' paper, I'm gifted
Think I might relapse, I'm addicted
Man, these hoes, oh
I ain't bout to lie just to kick it
Think I need rehab, I'm addicted
Man, these hoes, oh

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
n***a happy, roll that weed up
I just want her, I don't need her
On the menu, I won't eat her
Don't eat p**y? b**h, me neither
She addicted like Pookie on New Jack
Same old pipe, just new crack
Every time I hit, she come right back
Every time I hit, she come right back
Then I'm back to my business
Right back to my senses
Every time I'm done wit' it
p**y callin' my name, nig'
God as my witness, these hoes!


[Verse 2: YG]
I don't like holes, all my homies locked up sittin' in 'em
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I don't like hoes, the whole community put they dick in 'em
They be expecting things, tryna use that p**y power
But that power don't work when you find out it's sour
I don't kiss 'em, that's a no-no, n***a (How was that p**y?)
Kinda loose, it was so-so, n***a
She f** wit' him, she f** wit' me then f** wit' him
I'm like "Aye, girl, go 'head and see how that p**y be"
Aye, she a busy body
She just tryna see how much she could get up out him, so
I don't trust 'em, I really don't trust 'em
But I gotta get my nut off though so I just f** 'em


[Verse 3: T.I.]
Hey, I can't lie, I think I might
Need rehab, she has me so high
If you lookin' for the flyest, there could be no guy
Other than I, T.I.P., hard to deny
Me, why, she gotta be the sweetest of d**
Make a n***a think no one could please me but her
I asked her where to put it, she said "Skeet it on here"
So I don't need no molly, I'm on E and on her
I prefer the prettiest bodies, go to luxurious lobbies
Hit the elevator button, on the elevator, s**in'
Sloppy blowjob 'fore a n***a touch the doorknob, I'm so hard
I can't make my dick fit, I swear I'm addicted to her


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