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YG - 2Pac - f** Donald Trump (FDT) lyrics

[Intro: DJ Chop Up as 2Pac]
f** Trump, you fat motherf**er
f** Clinton, you fat b**h

[Hook: DJ Chop Up as 2Pac]
f** Donald Trump! (x8)

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
Y'know you really can't say that ya blame n***as
f** being tame, set a flame, time to aim triggers
2Pac'll spark a revolution, f** the Constitution
I want my bucks for restitution
This time you got a bigger problem
Time to face the n***as from South Central, Oakland, Brooklyn and Harlem
And we ain't shootin' at each other
That's my motherf**in' brother, so Trump, n***a
Run for cover
And other b**hes from the Klan
Come feel the wrath of a black man that doesn't smoke crack And I don't drink St. Ides
Genuine Draft, ganja ganja, and my f**in' TEC-9
They know they scared to see us sober
Stop drinking King Cobra, and n***as'll take the world over
It's all up to you
Blame the Korean, blame the Jews

[Hook: DJ Chop Up as 2Pac]
f** Donald Trump! (x8)
[Lyrics from: https:/**-donald-trump-fdt.html]

[Verse 2: 2Pac]
Why me? Play like Jasmine Guy and try me
I'll be damned if I die, come look at the rage in my eyes G
They got my homies in a jail cell
And it's the Rebel and the Devil, and one of us is goin' to Hell
I got the whole place covered, with loc'd out brothers
And nothing but love for each other
So motherf**er make a motion
I give a f**, slice you up, and throw your a** in the ocean
Temperatures drop; see it's cool to shoot a n***a
But they hate it when we pop the cops
That's when they gettin' petrol
You better watch your step or you'll be left on d**h row
But I learn to look ahead of me
Stay strapped watch your back keep your eyes on the enemy
We blowin' up precincts and OOOH
You can't f** with the crew

[Hook: DJ Chop Up as 2Pac]
f** Donald Trump! (x8)

[Outro: 2Pac]
Ignant, that's what it is! You ignant!
Ignant, that's what's wrong with you!
Ignant, motherf**er you ignant!

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