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YFN Lucci - Been Broke Before lyrics

[Verse 1]
Look, I did Collegrove
If I drop an album already sold
Look, I swear I'll never sell my soul
I make them feel it in a niggas soul
Look, okay you nigga still tryna go gold
Swear I ain't ever going gold
Only thing gold is my wrist and my neck and my load
And the safe but, you'll never crack the code
At the clear port waiting on the jet to unload
Waiting on the next nigga to fold
From the project to the pro
Only thing bitch about the nigga is my motherfuckin' hoe
I just bought my BM a new mink coat
Gave her the petite that I needed a link for
Whole lot of paper like we working at Kinko
And we used to be broke

I ain't even have nothing
Turned nothing into something
Back in the day we were thugging
I remember we ain't have nothing
I remember we were hustling
I remember we were struggling
We was always up to something

Damn, I've been broke before
I said damn, I've been broke before
If you've ever been broke before
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Have you ever been broke before?
Damn, we were broke before
Can't believe we were broke before

[Verse 2]
Big bottle full of champagne
100 bottles we don't even drink
Look how far a young nigga came
Look how far a young nigga came
Bit down know you smell the campaign
Bit called lil boy but I got some damn weight
Pull up in the down tank
Make me go rampage
Jimmy Choo we don't shop at Champs man
Cartier all I'm official
All of my dawg they official
All of my dawg got
All of my dawg we will kill here
Why play play with us when we all like Hitler?
Two time for them real ones
And to them fake nigga fuck 'em all we don't feel 'em
And to whoever wanna get involved
We don't fear nothing
One call everybody gone kill something
I remember days in the trey as a little one
Running round with TJ tryna pierce something
Now we run into the jet, yeah the lil one
100K on my neck, yeah the real one
That Audemar Piguet, I'm Bobby Boucher
I'm with my goon today so what will you say
200 grand walking through TSA
You wouldn't believe where a nigga used to stay

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