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YFN Lucci - Any color raping lyrics

(hook)we stay raping any color_
all these pussy ass niggas think really about that life run
up on your set and then your momma start cring because ima leave them dead ima leave a nigga in a bag pull up to the scene
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and show ass got killers they been waiting on your ass pants so much money now im breaking now you wanna pull up i molly
zan and tans pull up on the side and the glock start spraying leave a nigga stinking by a trash can and leave his ass deae in the dom tied up in the truck if a catch a young nigga lacking
imma getting bracking and levae his ass dead in the dom tied up in the trunk if a catch young nigga lacking ima get to cracking new body in some I will tie him up real tragic hit his ass with a automatic and then my nigga be hacksing

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