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YFN Lucci - 56 Nights lyrics


[Intro: YFN Lucci]
Yeah, Yeah , Yeah(x9)

[Verse 1: YFN Lucci]
You know these bitches love me
I this 40 on me we dont need securcity
I got abou' 40 on me tell my niggas dont worry
If any problems you know all my niggas they bussin'
Lets pour out dem' a bottles, lets pour out some lean
You know about me they know ima king, they kow summer here where i be
They know all my niggas be thuggin
Man You know if its sweet we gon rob em
You know how it be we got problems, we keep em revolvers
I go to the club wit my niggas, we bought the bar on the store we some real ones
New audmar shit cost the whole building
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In a new forgien you see how im shit stirring
We came from nothin', you see how we living
Been doing this shit since a lil one
All these chains not a lil one
I put that shit on my lil one
I put that shit on my bezel, i paid a 100 100 no lesser
I thought we told you lil niggas its levels
I thought i told you lil niggas im better
I got codine in my stomach, tryna fuck this freak wit my buddy
Everyone eat we be grubbin' made that bitch leave she weent fuckin
I think all my ice crazy, playin around wit my you ice crazy
I spent 56 nights blazzing
Every single night we was hell rasisng
Yeah i made it tuck yo chain nigga they'll take it
We ain't tuckin chains they gon have to take it
Fuck artound and get decativated

[Intro: 2 YFN Lucci]

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