All Yearning Songs

Songs In album
A Day When The World Started To Weep Evershade
A Day When World Started To Weep Evershade
Aureole Evershade
Autumn Frore Meadow
Autumn funeral -
Ava * Evening Souvenirs
Bleak Frore Meadow
Bleeding For Sinful Crown With Tragedies Adorned
Canticum With Tragedies Adorned
Chasing Shadows * Dreamboats & Lemonade
Comtemplation Evershade
Conditio Humana Evershade
Contemplation -
d**hbearer Evershade
Datura Stramonium Merging Into Landscapes
Dead Evershade
Don't Know What I'm Doing * Evening Souvenirs
Dreamboat * Dreamboats & Lemonade
Elegy Of Blood Frore Meadow
Epilogue: Nemo Ante Mortem Beatus Merging Into Landscapes
Evening Souvenirs * Evening Souvenirs
Evershade Evershade
Every Time I Fall In Love * Dreamboats & Lemonade
Eyes Of The Black Flame Plaintive Scenes
Flown Away With Tragedies Adorned
Fools Fall in Love * Evening Souvenirs
Forsaken Frore Meadow
Frore Meadow Frore Meadow
Haze Of Despair With Tragedies Adorned
How Will I Know * Dreamboats & Lemonade
In Strange Slowfooted Fever Frore Meadow
In The Hands Of Storm With Tragedies Adorned
It's You That I Want * Dreamboats & Lemonade
Kaleidoscopic Inscape Merging Into Landscapes
Lemonade * Dreamboats & Lemonade
Lethean Waters Merging Into Landscapes
Marry Me In the Morning * Dreamboats & Lemonade
Merging Into Landscapes Merging Into Landscapes
Merging Into Landscapes (2007) * Merging Into Landscapes
Naivete Plaintive Scenes
Nameless Plaintive Scenes
Never Learn To Cry * Dreamboats & Lemonade
Nightingale * Evening Souvenirs
Nocturne Evershade
Not That Type of Girl * Evening Souvenirs
October Rain Merging Into Landscapes
Plaintive Scenes Plaintive Scenes
Prologue: Nascentes Morimur Merging Into Landscapes
Release With Tragedies Adorned
Remnants Of The Only Delight With Tragedies Adorned
Return Merging Into Landscapes
Soliloquy Plaintive Scenes
Soliloquy Ii Plaintive Scenes
Solitary Frore Meadow
Sphere Of Disgust Merging Into Landscapes
Statues Amidst A Frozen Sand Of Time Evershade
The Dying Morn Merging Into Landscapes
The Fall Frore Meadow
The Moment Your Heart Would Say Goodbye * Evening Souvenirs
The Race Frore Meadow
The Temple Of Sagal With Tragedies Adorned
Tomorrow Night * Dreamboats & Lemonade
Unwritten Plaintive Scenes
When I Lost You * Evening Souvenirs
When I Was Your Baby * Dreamboats & Lemonade
When You Look at Her * Evening Souvenirs
You Stopped the World * Evening Souvenirs