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Ye Ali - D.U.I. lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay Complex]

Leap frog in p**y pinker than Ms. Piggie
He's odd, jiggy smart a** that rips witty
Please god, searching for everything he's not
Restart, didn't know levels was these hard
Retard my sprite with a spike as he bebop
They telling me come up for air, an f** yo weak heart
n***a f** yo weak heart...who needs it, ease up
I'm tryna find a better way to deal with it
I got at least four queens and they still with it
Dropping xanax bars, really taking pills with it
Should change my last name to “ill with it”
I really hope you're feeling this
You worry bout my body and I worry you don't know what spiritual healing is

[Hook: Jay Complex]

Slow me down

Hold me down...beneath the influence and let me drown

[Verse 2: Jay Complex]

Ok, I'm humming with angels, but don't really know the tune though
Your name up on a marquee, but my name up on a tombstone
Don't got much to say, so I don't overflow the airwaves
Stupid, pointless sh** that just be looking for some air play
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Your chick up on my arm because she looking for some ear play
But we don't cuff em even in the winter, that's the fail safe
Of living on an island where the climate's always hail safe
And even if they old enough them b**hes still be jailbait
A metaphor, these women bad, you feeling me like braille though
You far beyond saying that sh** above your head's a halo
Cause we know what you came fo' (x3)


[Verse 3: Ye Ali]

Let me take it back to 2009
I ain't even had a buzz, n***a had a grind
I ain't even had a whip, but she held me down
Put some 24's on her new black crown
I had plenty hoes, n***a wasn't sh**
When my cell phone ring, she wouldn't even trip
She would hand it to daddy
I ain't slept in 3 days off a xan and a addy
Hustling, I'm just trying to work magic
Coming home with the cheque baby, trying to make you happy
But I did a bad job at it
Parking lot, got that new Mercedez with a bow for you baby
Look, tell me who you listen to
I was grateful for that day we was introduced
You a bad girl, you a dime with it
p**y so wet, I might drown in it


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