Ycee - Ahahn (OOOUUU Cover) lyrics

Ahahn (OOOUUU Cover) lyrics


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[Intro] Ooouu, I be like, ahahn I dey here I dey here on this s**t You be like Ahahn, ahahn say make I no play with you again [Verse] Lit, (?) I be chilling on my own zone Calling shots to the streets from my home phone You know the motto you going soft and you going home Am R E D and you only just started going pro But who you know to k** a track before the song start And this just minimum effort that’s the worst part Am putting life into this tracks am spitting allspark And you used to be number one but now your Joe Hart I told em not to ever call me king in this s**t Cause everybody claiming king but they ain’t leading for s**t And to that rapper throwing jabs I just be weavil in s**t The hatters can kiss my a** so I can live em in s**t So where the bars come from the word is don’t know N***a you shouldn’t be hatting, if you’re broke tho You just a (?) For small buzz that’s a low blow Me I go hard and you other n****s just don’t go Mehn am on my own cruze like Peli Lepe Bars put your a** in jail no monopoly I turn a deaf ear to anyone that’s doubting me My mama said I was the best and that’s what I turned out to be So understand, I am not like all rappers Am just your favorite rapper’s rapper you dey cause laughter Am lit like a damn furnace I dey burn louder Shoot game sick my bedroom be turning to phone locker So why they preaching like your holiness Retired heart breaker a man got no regrets They talk about me don’t know me yet Same b*****s dissing same ones that’s tryna show me breast And why them n****s always testing me? Acting like they don’t know GOD protecting me Asking why your own shawtty out here texting me Is she f*****g me? Am like yes indeed I put the henny in her mouth boy For the right reasons I be in a tabloid N****s talk dey smell I had to give em altiod Banging in the west am like a m***********g cowboy I’ll be lowkey so you can barely see me out boy Only real n***a I be with when I be out boy Running s**t in the west connected to the south boy Anyhow you want it ma n***a we shut it down boy Tinny put me on (?) Got me feeling bright How am hezvy with the henny got me feeling light Am turning down hoes they wonder what am feeling like I freestyle a whole verse you think I couldn’t write To everybody wey dey talk like they know something I rather piss myself off and push my own bu*tons The show has just begun you out here tryna close curtains (?) this n****s better hold something [Outro] Ahahn, ahahn OOOUUU, OOOUUU The hatters on ma body shake em off I can never lose what you thought My n****s (?) Ahahn, ahahn, Tinny

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