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YC - One More Night lyrics

[Hook: hidingtobefound]
Try, but leaving brings out the best in me (x2)

Opaque shades of grey
Okay, change of pace
Oh say can you say
Take my brain away

[Verse 1: hidingtobefound]
Holding onto half-loves, golden-tongued disaster
Gla** half empty, never wanted it at half full
La**o up collateral, the mask I hold a fraction of
The life I know and one I don't cause I let it go in the last one

Lately I've been thinking that maybe I've been missing
Pieces to puzzles that don't fit
Go to sleep, believe the pretty visions that I see
sh**ty disposition lead me
To the day that I can leave

[Chorus: hidingtobefound]
One more night
They'd say, "what a sight to behold"
And their starving eyes would be on my side
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I could fly if they'd just let me go (x2)


[Verse 2: hidingtobefound]
It's no duel in my head, you knock with youthful exuberance
That's 1,2,3 open up, it's only you again
Ask you how you have bee
Cause I'm as useful as a room full of hooligans
Guess I've been breathing fumes again

Of the fumigant that was meant to k** the rest
But instead, it k**ed my rest
Along with feeling in my chest
In that empty cage
Couldn't get it out onto that empty page
Silence til my eyelids let me take in all this empty space

I'm alone in the corner cornered by my former self and I
Forced to let the horror run it's course and not
Play the role of sorceress
Blame it on myself, I guess
This gets less and less impressing as the days progress


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