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YBonDaBeat - All Da Money lyrics

I ain't never had no money
(Never ever had no money)
Had no money yeaaa
(Had no money yeaa)x 2

I ain't never had no money
Finally got a lil money
And now I want all da money Shawdy x2
f** that I want all da money
I want all da money
f** that I want all da money x2

[Verse 1: Lightshow]
I ain't start with money
Now I want all da money
I dont even pick my phone up if it ain't a call wit money
f**in Racks up
Stack 100s and 50s, Blow the 20s, change the 10s up for some 1s then hit the club and throw the money
Got no b**h I go with money, That sh** go a long way
First name basis with them Prezzys, f** with them the long way
Strong Jays in my trap until we go to sleep
But I remember nights when n***a we ain't go to sleep
I want all da money imma snatch it, its in front of me
I dont see nobody n***a. Its just my gun and me
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Hooked on that paper look what it done to me, it turned me cold
And these new hunnits, not the old ones


[Verse 2: Lightshow]
I want all da money, I be taking risks for this sh**
It be talkin to me, I be hearing whispers and sh**
Got my pockets with the new bigs waste dreads I'm the sh**
Time to hit GTown and cash out on my fit, I'm the sh**
Imma flex cuz i ain't have me no money growin up
Young n***a but just look how fast my money growin up
Im way to blessd to be stressed
Check on yo head get you stretched
30 how much you can't catch
We bout that work you knew that
Walk downs
Run ups
Homicides we do that
Watch these n***as they be 50, They be flaky, See through that
b**hes too
Had to cancel one like Nino in new jack
I G Money Run through stacks
Like a kingpin moving crack
That's the Truth


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