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YBe (Lil Yogi) - Ain't The Same lyrics

[Hook: J-Gui]
This Is Not A Game
I Get It In, Doing Work
If You Know What I Mean
You & I, Ain't The Same
Stayed Up Past The AM
No Time For Relaxing
Beast Mode On Em
Ain't The Same

[Verse 1]
Word On The Street, I Got That Raw sh**
And Ain't Nobody Ever Gonna Top This
Unless Pac Live, Get Out Of Pocket
You'll Get Socked Quick
You Can't Stop It
Hold Up Haters, Back Up
You Not In My League, Chill The f** Back
We Just Smoking Some Weed
Cause My Flow Is Unique
I Be Bringing The Heat, You Could Never Compete
So Just Take A Seat, With The Rest That Just Try To Proceed
Even a Vest Can't Protect You From Me, Nah
When I Make Em Feel The Pump, They Gonna Feel Like A Punk
Guaranteed They Won't Try To f** With Me Now
So Don't Never Try To Stunt
I Could Prove I'm The One
I'd Be Tearing All These Muthaf**en Beats Up
I Been Married To The Game With Prenup
So Ain't Nobody Gonna Take My Money
Introduce You To My Nina
b**h You Really Got It Comin'
Hustle On The Block With My k**as Like Its Nothin'
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Chillin' In A Circle Of Bosses, And We Disscussin' Nothing But The Paper Lil Homie
We Ain't Frontin'
Shadow & YBE Both On The Same Track
You Already Know, Haters Ain't Gonna Like That
Ain't No Problem, We Still Ready For The Combat
Pull Up To The Scene Like Homie Where The Bomb At?


[Verse 2: Mr Shadow]
Look Who The f** Just Walked In
Southern California Mexican
Ain't Nobody Standing Next To Him
Take Another Hit From The Oil Pen
Yeah Got A 100 Round Clip In The Automatic
If They Try To Talk sh** I'm A Let Em Have It
With A Lil Bit Of This It'll Make Em Panic
Never Getting Rid Of This I'm a Stay At It
S-A-N D-I-E-G-O Is Where I Roam
Anybody Wanna Handle Some sh**
You Could Tell Em That I'm Ready To Spit
Its The Muthaf**en M-R Dot
Bringing All Haters To They Knees
With The Homie YBE From That SGV s**a
The Chicken Plucka, International Hustler
Weed & Money Smuggler
f** Em & Never Loving Em
Anybody Can Get It
So f** Your Character
I'll Make You Pussies Regret It
They're All Amateurs


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