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YBe (Lil Yogi) - Raw sh** lyrics

Yeah YBe - Slowpoke
West Coast - Dirty Dirty South
Come Ride With Us Homie
We Got That Raw sh**?

Who Got That Raw sh**?
Who Got That Raw?
Who Got That Raw?
Who Got That Raw?
Who Got That Raw sh**?
Who Got That Raw?
Who Got That Raw?
Who Got That Raw?
Who Got That Raw sh**?
Who Got That Raw?
Who Got That Raw?
Who Got That Raw?
Who Got That Raw sh**?
Who Got That Raw?
Who Got That Raw?
I Got That Raw sh**

[Verse 1: Slowpoke]
The Devil With The Silver Tongue
Leads The Line To Hell
Articulate Malicious Puns
Between The Lines It Spells
The Visions Of A Drunk
Off My Mind It Melts
Turning b**hes Into Punks
Hit Your Spine With Shells
Dawg We've Risin' From The Slums
But We Decline To Fail
I'm From That 3-6-1
We Designed To Rebel
f** A Benefit Of Doubt
You'll Only Benefit To Doubt
What You b**hes Really Bout?
Pure Fiction Out Your Mouth
Just An Image For The Crowd
Yeah He Timid But He Loud
Take A Minute Hear Me Out
f** These Gimmicks & These Clowns
Dawg I'm Pissing On Your Crown
And sh**tin' On Your Throne
Turn To This Cigarette to Clouds
Holdin' On This Styrofoam
Trying To Figure This sh** Out
Dawg I've Grown To Hold My Own
Cause This Game Has Gone South
Similar To Where I Roam
Every Verse Is Platinum Bound
Metal-Casting Off My Dome
b**h I've Come To Break Ground
And Shut It Down
Let This sh** Be Known


[Verse 2: YBe]
I Got That Raw sh**
Making Profit
I'm A Beast On These Beats
And I Rip 'em Often
Murder - 1-8-7
Putting Haters In Coffins
Talking Lots Of Business
In A Circle Bosses
People Keep On Yapping
Cause They Know That We Flossin'
But I Don't Pay 'em No Mind
I Just Continue With Caution
If You Look Into The Eyes Of The Devil
That's The Day You'll Realize
That Your Life Ain't Settled
So I Carry A Metal
[Lyrics from: https:/**.html]
Protect Myself From These Rebels
I'm On A Different Level
My Bullets Aim For Your Temple
I Damage Your Brain
And I Leave You Mental
Your Family's In Pain
Cause I Came To Get You
Uh Uh
That's The Way We Roll
In The Wicked West Coast
From The Dirty South
We Cut Throats
YBe & The Homie Slowpoke
Oh No
Back On The Scene With My AR-15
Back From The Dead Like Tales From The C
Who Got That Raw?
Boy That's Me
Now k** 'em All
My Flow Is Incredible
I Brake 'em Off Intentional
High Off That Medical
T-H-C Chemicals
I Blow Kush Smoke Out The Window
Think About My Life & All The sh** That I Been Through
My Motivation Got Me Facin'
All These Demons That Be Hating
They Just Mad Cause I'm Living Amazing
Taking Vacations In Locations
That I Never Been Placed In
I Ain't Got Time To Be Wastin' Naw
Back To The Topic
I Am The Rawest
Chicano Rap's Baddest
The Boss Of All Bosses
The Name Is YBe Formerly Lil Yogi
From Cali To Texas
The Streets Love Me


[Verse 3: Slowpoke]
Nothing Much Has Really Changed
Still Thuggin' In This Game
Still Druggin' Up The Brain
Still f**in' Up Them Lames
Yall Ain't Nothing - Be Ashamed
Say You Bustin' & You Bang
But All That Fluff Is All The Same
Plus It's Only Just For Fame
Homie f** What You Claim
f** Your Money
f** Your Dames
Cause Every Slut Got Her Game
But Every Nut Feel The Same
Dawg I'm Losing Touch With Sane
I'll Shove A Shell Through Your Veins
Why Can't You Tell That Life Is Pain?
Every Night I'm Feeling Drained
Cause I Fight Against The Grain
And I'vr Survived Through The Reign
Tryna Revive This f**ing Game
Cause This Rap sh** Is Dying
I'm Alive I Can't Complain
Got This Rap sh** To A Science
Hope You All Die In Vain
Feel The Rapture Of This Tyrant
I'm On That Hydrocodone
Yelling At The Microphone
Malibu & Patron
Time To Leave This sh** Alone
f**in' Thrown
So Ahead I'm In The Future
Deuce Up To Producer
Mister Matt Ciclon


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