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YBe (Lil Yogi) - My Life (Remix) lyrics

[Lil Yogi]
That Right Homies
Lil Yogi - Shady Boy
It's My Life Homie
Its The Way We Do It

And I'm Grindin' Till I'm Tired
Cause They Said You Ain't Grindin' Til You Tired
So I'm Grindin' With My Eyes Wide
Looking To Find A Way Through The Day
A Light For The Night
Dear Lord You Done Took So Many Of My People
I'm Just Wonderin' Why You Haven't Taken My Life?
Like What The Hell Am I Doing Right?

[Verse 1: Lil Yogi]
Let Me Tell You About My Life
And The Way I Grew Up
Brought Up In The Ghetto
Straight Vallero
Packin' A Gun
My Father Always Told Me
Son Don't Be Like Your Brothers
Somehow I Grew Up To Be A Rider
Reppin' That Big Blue Color
This Is My Life As A Youngster
And Now A Straight Up Hustler
Bringing Feria To The Table
For My Family & My Mother
Take A Look Into My Eyes
You'll See The Pain Up Inside
Taking Out My Anger
On My Enemies When I Ride
Its Do Or Die In My Life
You Either Shoot Or Be k**ed
The 3 Dots On My Wrist
Is Something True & Fo'real
Surviving In This Battle Field
Its Hard To Not Get k**ed
So I Keep A Stainless Steel
With Extra Clips
To Fill Up With Bullets
I Been On My Own
Since I Was Thirteen
Mom & Dad Left
I'm All Alone
Now Just Look At Me
Shady Boy I Feel You Dog
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Cause Life Is A b**h
I Reminisce When I Was A Little Kid
When I Didn't Had To Worry About sh**


[Verse 2: Shady Boy]
My Life Consist Of Smith & Wesson
And Crystal Meth Injections
Teflon Blastin' Violent d**hs
In My Gang Infested Section
Ese Life's A Hard Lesson
Can't Let It Get To Me
So I Slam 50cc's Of Methamphetamine
I Can't Escape The Pain
No Matter How Much Dope I Smoke
So I Spray It In My Veins
It's My Heart That's Broke
My Eyes Way A Ton
And In My Lungs I Feel A Vapor
I Cough & Watch My Pen
Cry My Thought Into This Paper
Nobody Knows The Real Me
They Know What They've Been Shown
Well Nobody's Made Of Stone
Deep Down I'm Lost & So Alone
I Wonder What My Mother Would've Thought
If She Had Seen This
Her Little Man Had Tried So Hard
To Go Where Ever She Did
It Is This Life As She Did
No One Cares So No One Sees This
The Reason For Tweaking
Is So I Show No Weakness
I'm Speaking From A Heart
That's Been Broken To Pieces
I Squeeze This Ice Into My Veins
And Pray To God That It Freezes


[Shady Boy]
Thats Right
Its Lil Shady Boy
Riding With My Homeboy Lil Yogi
This My Life Homie
Like It Or Love It
Tweaker Coming Out Your Speaker
I'm Out

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