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YBC Tha NeRd - Hero to Supervillian (0 to 100 #NerdMix) lyrics

Verse 1: YBC Tha NeRd

I feelin like a supervillian redskull
I got a bad chick she my black dove
I commitin murder black gloves
She down to ride i call her harley quinn
Arkham aysylum fresh up out tha pen
Venom in my veins its like baned out
If u lookin for help this ain't a safe house
Call me sinestro i dun switched teams
Now im so evil we got tha best team
f** them green lanterns i got a betta glow
I inflict fear call me scare crow
This is pure villiany we tha league of doom
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Metal fingers metal face yea im so doom
So jus follow me I'll lead u to ur tomb
Ain't sh** funny but they call me joker
I dont do tha work thats y i got soldiers
I be flippin riddles call me e nigma
Just like a brainiac enigma
Just run em ova then wipe em off tha fender
Im rockin hard so i keep a fender
I got a blackhart ill show u my darksied
Greatest villain of all time I Lex Luthor
Controller of tha time table I predict ya future
Bathing in tha Lazarus pit ra's AL ghul
I'll combat any weapon u don't wanna duel
Extra ordinary far past u puny humans
Eisenhardt to magneto I'm inhuman
Genius level intellect I kno wut u doin

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