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YB - #NewCharlotte lyrics

Feat : Duru Tha King & Bankroll Bird & Deniro Farrar

[Verse 1: Deniro Farrar]
All of my youngin's some savages
Run in your trap, hit you up for them packages
Rob you for bricks, finesse you for pounds
f** all that talkin', they layin' you down
That'll teach n***as 'bout playin' around
Cartel connected, you better respect it
f** up the paper, send you to your maker
They layin' you 6 feet under the ground
Ridin' with choppas, masked up like Chewbacca
Got dreads like a Rasta, free all of my patnas
This one for Sosa and Gio, I got yah
Bentley what's happenin'? Lil Tony what's crackin'?
Dub, TG, DuRu what it do?
Don Don I see you laid back and be cool
I'm f**in' this ho and she wet as a pool
I'm feedin' her dick and you buyin' her food
Shoppin' and robbin' and robbin' and shoppin'
Break bread with my n***as, you know how we rockin'
Hittin' these licks and countin' this cake
I don't give a f**, I'm bearin' my face
Hopin' I live to see me a new day
E got that choppa and ready to spray
I'm runnin' through b**hes, what more can I say?
Kush came from Cali, shout out to the Bay

[Hook: BankRoll Bird] x2
n***as I know, they come shop for the work
Lay you on the floor and take all of your cash
f**in' these b**hes, no cuffin' these b**hes
No lovin' these b**hes, they all for the smash
n***as I know, they come shop for the bricks
Lay you on the floor and take all of your pounds
Got love for my n***as, shed blood for my n***as
Bust slugs for my n***as, I'd die for my rounds

[Verse 2: BankRoll Bird]
I be with the dope boys like that n***a Ricky
Money got me hypnotized like that n***a Biggie
It's get rich or die tryin' like that n***a 50
And I'm about to go dumb like Timmy
You ain't talkin' money, we look at you funny
Lil n***a you wastin' your breath
I told my n***as, "I'll see you at dinner"
We eatin' 'til nothin' is left
My bro in the kitchen, he chef
But he keep the TEC, you would think he a ref
That .30 on me like I'm Steph
But all my b**hes as jazzy as Jeff, Fresh
Prince in the city of Queens
Chasin' that sack 'til they crown me a king
Sacramento home team
I'm better than clever, ball harder than Webber whenever
Whoever however they want it
No competition, ain't got no opponents
My seat at the throne, they can't stand that
Cause I Eminem, Kim and Stan rap
A n***a might start shootin' if I don't know y'all
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My city made a n***a's heart so cold, dog
Your b**h got nice lips and I'm like road dog
Pour 4's 'til I'm throwed off
The biggest menace since Dennis and O-Dawg (Aye)

[Hook: BankRoll Bird] x2

[Verse 3: YB]
To keep it one hunnit, I'd rather get blunted
These b**hes be all for the smash
I'd bleed for my brothers, I love 'em, we thuggin'
They run in your spot for the cash
A b**h n***a run up, I post up with gunnas
It go down they bustin' your a**
I'm up 'til the sun up, I'm juugin' with Bird
No Stunna, we overgrind hard for this cash
We ain't kiddin' like JK, my homeboy got an AK
Only aimin' where your hood hang
It rock-a-fella like Just Blaze
The AK MJ how it give fades
p**y n***as Shaq feet, boy you been gay
These n***as MIA like where the Heat stay
I'ma catch 'em with the work in the breezeway
Better freeze or catch a bullet like a Brees play
We need cake like a b-day
I hang with my n***as, my n***as my woes
Don't f** with too many cause n***as be hoes
b**hes ain't sh**, they gon' f** with your foe
All for the smash so I'm pa**in' a ho
Sprint to the money, I dash and I go
Cause n***as be b**hes and actin' like hoes
Be screamin' "f** 12" when they call em' the most

[Hook: BankRoll Bird] x2

[Verse 4: DuRu Tha King]
n***a go crazy on yappas
Run with them choppas, cookin' up beef with that China
I'm a young n***a who's solid
Max on that shotta, Dub TG that's on my mama
Show me a check or show me respect
Either way it go I'm comin' for necks
These b**hes around me, they know I got next
You takin' her out, I'm takin' her mouth
She strip on the side, I'm dick on the side
Broke down a whole brick and got rich on the side
Come to my crib, you see k**as inside
Shout out to Beata, I'm from the north side
Bless up to Ghetty, I love the west side
Thuggin', thuggin', thuggin', thuggin' it out
Boy you should die, come to my city, you might not get out
n***as be claimin' they know me, don't know what you talkin' about
n***a don't try to lil bro me, you'll get a gun in your mouth
My n***a that's not a real Rollie, why are you playin' around?
See you let these b**hes control you, you are not fit for the crown


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