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YB - CPW lyrics

[Verse 1: Johnny May Cash]
Comin' so fast, lookin' CI
Know we keep that heat up
n***a I wouldn't wanna be ya
Now we finna RIP ya
We flood out with angels
We f** with cartel gs
We fluck with them aliens
Gotta get them bricks like pronto
All the bricks ? like Rondoe
Uppa pole young n***a gon' blow
Smoke a lotta dope, I can see now
Get the first jab, off you go, read up
b**h, you see us, f**in' peons
Got that 30 on my waist if you wanna see us

[Hook: Johnny May Cash]
I get money, you know I spit face
So bricks on bricks, we gotta take it
Cake on cake, on cake on cake
My n***as flexin', hot n***a gon' flex in here
I got what you need
Cocaine pills and weed
Get that overseas
You know where we be
Yeah, we club with asians
They pleaw with Caucasians
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We meet out with Haitians
That young n***a feel the ?

[Verse 2: YB]
We got bricks on bricks, we take it
Play 'round here, won't make it
Yeah I f** with them asians
Yeah I f** with Caucasians
Got money like the Masons
Grab an application
The paper we be chasin'
Yeah, my n***as, they racin'
Cake on cake on cake
Too many faces, too many haters
They won't stop hatin'
And we keep flexin'
Now we keep whillin'
All my n***as, they violent
No show, no conners
Just move in silence
Knock a n***a head out
Can't get the pad off
f** around with a boss
Got anything you need
Got c**aine pills and weed
I swear

[Hook: Johnny May Cash]

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