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YB - 30 Clip lyrics

[Hook: Johnny May Cash]
I got a 30 clip for them n***as that talk that sh**
Dont play no games cause n***as we blow that sh**
Everywhere i go my n***as rollin'
Holdin' big guns n***a yeah we blowin'

[Verse 1: JohnnyMayCash]
n***as mad 'cause of a b**h, but the hoes come and go
I'm a let you n***as know that my n***as damn blow
So from head to toe I let rockets go
Yeah, my head just froze and my watch is cold
Yeah, I'm a keep it 30 'fore you f** n***as
I don't trust n***as, can't f** with 'em
These n***as is snakes, these n***as is fake
Get in the way, I'm a get the k, I'm a spread his face
But the game n***a you don't wanna play

[Hook x2: Johnny May Cash]

[Verse 2: Rampage]
I got a 30 clip for the next n***a that talk that sh**
And best believe when my n***as shoot they don't miss
Got your mean b**h and your sad b**h on my dick
I kick them out, I don't need them hoes for sh**
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We flexing, they intelligent, they s**y
If you a man whore then we take them down for them bricks
We ain't got time, we reckless and we get it
If your men die don't ax, we will beat it
If you talk money then best believe I'm with it
I'm a spark up just give me one minute
And your b**h always said that she with it
So I might just go get her a minute

[Hook x2: Johnny May Cash]

[Verse 3: YB]
Your b**h with me, yeah she a freak just for the moment
And she be going, now you be knowing
You call her phone, she'll answer 'cause there'll be towing
Got a 30 clip if you n***as wanna talk that sh**
Now n***a mad 'cause why we f**ed his b**h
When I'm bawling, she stalking
No [?] no telephone, stop talking
Been at it for a minute, I'm a n***a who's gonna k** sh**
They send it, and I'm rolling, [?] got me floating
Your b**h going but you already know it

[Hook x2: Johnny May Cash]

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