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YB MUZiK - Wont lie lyrics

Yeah 2013 LETS GO
YEAH ah lets go

[soul frenzy: verse 1]
Im trying to rap on the map with crap
With a snap or a clap in the lab
Crack! im smoking that all day
Just dont call me ray
Thats all i got to say im going to the bay
And im like day
Im on my way
Im just go and lay
So say hey
Then say bye
I won't lie
In this line
You dont get a sign
I dont drink wine
But still it is mine
You trying to slap a frickin gold mine
In this rhyme! but i dont have time!
With this rap sh** and im f**in hit

Yeah and this is the rhyme
You know that i dont lie x4

[pimp knuckles: verse 2]
Yeay and this is the rhyme
Today it,s gonna be mine
And you die
To me im the special delivery
See you ain't me
I know that i dont lie
Be me see me find me
You sing the wrong key
See it works with a special effect on the tv
Here are some beats all things go heaven
2011 i was eleven man
I was bord on 2000
So tell it like
1 2 3
2001 2002 2003
Once again you see
Me and turn on the tv
With the hook
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Yeay and this is the rhyme
You know that i dont lie
Cause this is my time
You guys won't say the rhyme


[Soul frenzy: verse 3]
Okay im back
In a booty bag
So call me clag
You play with a nut sack
And this is a song isnt bout boats
We are on the roads
We are with loads
Im in the broad
In this sh** is fit
I hit you evry day
With the same weapon
Im keeping you sappong
Your game is lagging
Im here bragging
Im always clapping
(but you guys won't backstabbing)

[Pimp knuckles: verse 4]
So why they are p**ys
I got the group see
Im in the tv
I dont lie
So why
You got the group enemies
See i told you they are p**ys
So they not scary for us
It,s to far we taking the bus
We are in san andreas
I see a guys as
A chicken that,s the guy
The code 1-2-lie


I won't f**ing lie next time
Dont lie

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