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Yaway Martian - 2Milli (Millenium) lyrics

[Verse 1: Yaway Martian]
2milli that's it seems like a dream i'm Chyllin in my conscious'
Reversing perception is life a reflection
Visions through wordplays in the galaxy of my thought
With my eye shut i see a society of ant, i swarm and bash over em
Spells i casted to curse off their bias crimes, i dual with my second demention
For a core of a imorol spirit all vessels
I lift the curse of my shoulder with motivation
It highly illuminate thee glare for the life of mine
Funeral smile on the gods structure i intense my voltage
When the center star is calling for the Renaissance of a luminous
As i am seating in the flare with couple revenant
Guarding the vessels of a divinity path, f** whoever despise
If it not an hallucination 2 deity on a expedition extending expectation
I unveils the allure from the grief to clear my pathways
And life's obstruction those restrictors playing obstacle
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I over came hate it an impurity morals, beings being bugs begs of chow
My aim is to increase your heart or it beat till i hear a flat or a tune of sweat and tears
I know it bitter but it rewards you greatly better then holy water
It pleasure's me for the greater goods to murk them with motivation
Desire's and dreams, i live in your conscious a fantasy to feel comfort
In a giant avatars they false attempt i'm a paired with your shadows
Cause i feel alive in somber it awakens the light i bearers
My thought sprints i dash for a runs over those marinading human steaks
I hold the torches and that's a toaster for your visuals
It Sure k** a steam roller by you leave em flat begging for the meals tickets
A self providers when you smelling like cakes bugs will try and turn bunny
The acceptance in the unconditional love becomes their devotion
It an anarchy a chaos when bullets are disguise as roses
The greatest fears cause the coldest a**a**ins are those who will murk you with thrills
It like the pain of a birth, to shut his light for the seeks of the darks
It closing you eyes to better the visual of your conscious

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