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YATTA - Virgin lyrics

Imma keep talking my sh** n***a
You n***as ain't gone shut me up n***a
I keep clip n***a
30 poking out n***a, you see it
I know, aye but look
You n***as ain't even outside my n***a
We outside 24/7 n***a , 25/8 matter fact
b**h a** n***as, aye look. Gang!

n***a mad he got his boo snatched (That's why you mad?)
n***a, you can get your boo back (You can get her back)
n***a, you the type to get your boo snatched (but you can't get that back)
n***a, call the thugs tryna get your boo back (hah lame)
n***a, I just poured up two 4's (That's an 8)
12 o'clock the 2 stroke (shout out gang)
I'm from the Mo' I throw up two 4's (I'm out the gate)
But you can catch me in that damn low (I'm in them jets)
Oooh sh**, (Oooh sh** b**h)
b**h I'm Mr. Boo Strips (Mr. Boo Strips b**h)
Internet thuggin' never do sh** (It don't do sh**)
See me in person on some cool sh** (Hey Bro)
Damn Hoe (God damn)
Broke b**h, I can't stand those (I can't stand them)
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b**h I'm on my ten toes (b**h I'm on my ten)
The Cake clip look like a French Roll (Look like a cinnamon)
Gang, Gang
Damn b**h (Aye, oooh)
I feel like the man b**h (I feel like the man, oooh)
I'm thumbin through some bands b**h (I'm thumbin through them bands)
Don't make my n***as hop out vans b**h (We hop out and bang)
Wipe me down (Wipe me down hoe)
We crack in cars and swipe me down (swipe, swipe, swipe me down hoe)
These b**hes really like me now (They really dig my swag)
She tryna be my wifey now (she wanna be my b**h)
In your dreams b**h (In your dreams)
All this gold I feel like Mr. T b**h (I feel like Mr. T)
And we really keep clips (b**h we really keep)
Got me ending up on NBC b**h (On NBC)
Oh Lord (Oh Lord)
b**h text me said she ready for more nards (What I do?)
Book a room at the travel lodge
Got them both catching bombs just like Anquan (thotty scotty)
She like the way I dick her down (I dick em down)
Silly b**h ask me to lick her now (she silly b**h, dummy)
I'm f**ing with her sister now (I'm f**ing with her sis)
I swear I think I'm Kenser down (I swear I think I'm Kenser)
See an opp then BA hoppin out (BA hoppin out)
Oooh sh** I think his brains popped out (boom, boom)
Skurt, skurt then we swervin out
You n***as never bust, you's a virgin boy (n***a you's a virgin)

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