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IZZY- I got a b**h and she a pull like ????. And she accurate she a never miss. I got some poachers that a never slip. This mac 11 ah make you do a backflip. I'm smoking weed and that loud I got to go. My Gucci bag and she know she do the most. True religion got to rock it with the polo. Dark skin b**h I ain't no joke. I get to spitting to his head with that '44. I be getting brain from a thottiana. I'm popping all these works, bad that put in work. ????? I don't swag b**h I surf. ?????? I put a n***a in the dirt. swear to god give him a hearse. My verse sick it got a curse. Yall n***as ain't on sh**. I swear to god im high a** sh**. Yo lil main b**h be on my dick. I swear to go she be s**ing up. Ima call her back. ?????. I know that you a hatta im all about the paper 340 with the laser.???
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YATTA- I woke up next to a shawty. my lil hittas like lets shoot somebody. I got bands for everybody. so we shoot at anybody. I was driving in a rari. All I know is band up. I don't give a f** about it. I could never give a f**. I be rolling off that sh**. They like do the remix. Cause they know I be k**ing sh**. Cause Yatta a lunatic. Yo main b**h on my dick. she wanna slurp up n sh**. So I let her slurp on my sh**. Them lil n***as acting slick. They be in the cut f**in sh** up. You can be a quick hit
IZZY- yo main b**h be on my D-I-C-K that's my dick. Get the f** off me. im ballin get up of me laser on the 40. tell her to getup off me. i be smoking all of this loud that means a good tree. Big 40 i give him 30. i aim that sh** at yo jersey. lil main b**h and she want me and she s** me like a slurpee in my bu-gatti

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