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YAGI - STAGE 3 lyrics

[Verse 1: 2DKai]
Yeah my 86 in pastel pink
f** what you think
My whip is clean
I drift to the bar, yeah I drink with my friends
And we on till the end of the night
Yeah we live for the race
We got big dreams for a big place , I saw our faces in lights
If you knew what we been through
You know that we don't quit but
f** this sh**, we still spit
f** this sh**, we still drift
f** this sh**, it's still lit
Decals in 8-Bits
Yo girl, backseat
In the 86 when I'm racing
Don't give a f** who I'm facing
f** it I'm the president
Just let me change the precedent
Checkpoint that I'm rezzing in and every loss a lesson in
Working on my arrogance and I ain't f**ing sparing sh**
An L for me is rare as sh**
If you win you cherish it 'cuz I ain't never perishing
And I'm getting over confident
You had a whip I bodied it
Pink slip in my hands
This sh** cost ten bands
No secret I drive fast
Drift squad got one chance
One test and I pa**ed

[Verse 2: Shiro.ily]
Rain check on the pink slips?
Looking mad, with the lame drift
86, but you basic, taste it
Can't face that I race lit, aced it
Don't faze me around with that lame sh**
Cause young kit in a brand new whip
Don't touch me sh** till i see you drift
Light my spliff as i turn that sh**
Cause I burn that sh**, as you see I'm lit
Hit that sh**, GTR is the car I'm in
Look how far that you are, my friend
Honestly you weren't hard I'm the end
I don't mean to offend
Click unfriend, drift this bend
Click unfriend, meet your end
Just click unfriend
I own the whole road
b**h check me out on your phone
I'm becoming my own
Top of the charts, but this ain't no Mario kart
Nah, chill
Slide from the top of the hill
Like sliding in your girl for real
Its only a thrill
Used rubber like she on the pill
Back tires smoked out I'm the deal

[Verse 3: Hieratical]
Pull up to the race, fresh brake pads
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Got last place in our last race, too bad
Downshift pa**ing through, n***as stay mad
Dead squad talking sh**, it's so sad
Pissed off hit the wall, going too fast
Lone wolf through the streets like an outcast
Up-shift on the straight, you're dead last
Drift game's too strong; you're outcla**ed
I pull up to the race and ain't wasting no time
My hands on the wheel and my drift's in its prime
Your car is a mess, I can tell from the grime
My whip is too clean it can turn on a dime
Your drift is so lame this is easy as cake
Don't lose in a race when your pride is at stake
Downhill in my view and my foot's on the brake
This song is your funeral, my verse is your wake

[Verse 4: Ren Mcpurp]
Go fast in the 86 don't f** with that basic
Fire style out the tail pipe gotta earn that panda stripe
Multi tracks and I'm still drifting
On these tracks, weights shifting
FC in my rear view it ain't sh**
Hit the clutch and I downshift
Drifting on an 86 on f**ing mars
If the sky's your limit you'll never go far
Yo let me hit that switch, I don't trust no b**h
I don't trust no trick, all I trust is my whip
Cuz' my tires never slip
I drift over bridges you be burning them
Got a group A in the 86
Got 11k in my cockpit
Put my tires with your career
In the gutter better hear
We the Boba Speed Stars
Dropping f**ing fire bars
I don't f** with Benedict
I ain't f**ing with a relic
Pull up on yo' chick
Domo arigato, ya' she s**ing on my dick
Have you ever been to the top
Yeah it's sunrise at the tofu shop

[Verse 5: B.Money]
Paul Walker, Takumi
Next legend, is me
Lancer, Evo's
Call me, Ringo
Life's on, a seesaw
I sweep teams, with Gengar
12 Shots, like Ocelot
Am I Big Boss, or Rick Ross
s** my dick no foreplay
Got drift b**hes as playmates
My home girls k**s white snakes
I'm everything, but f**ing fake
Yo come all for stage three
We get turnt for Thai tea
My diamonds are unbreakable
My rapping unstable
RKO this bro on a motherf**in' table
Drifting past zoom, when I pump the volume
Smokin' pot of greed
Always in the f**in' lead

[Sample: 2 Fast 2 Furious]
"Ejecto seato 'cuz!"

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