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YAGI - Graveyard Shift lyrics

[Verse 1: 2DKai]
I got a dark soul and I know it
I'm a ghost type
On this dark night
Got blood lust and I show it
Can't stop me b**h, and you know it
2DKai another word for beast
You in the LBC
Then n***a you a feast
Can't handle my technique
I don't make peace
I'm immortal
Hell-fire, I flow it
Got fangs, and you feel it
d**h comes, and you know it
If you're candle's lit then I'm blowing em' out
Scream or shout
I ain't leaving
I can smell the fear
And you're bleeding
On your knees and you pleading
Don't ask me for mercy
I'm giving you none
Don't do this for laughs
I don't do this for fun
Do this sh** cause I need to
Don't run b**h cause I see you

[Verse 2: Ren McPurp]
Boba Boyz got the beats that go bump in the night
Started early in that twilight
I'm a shadow b**h I'm heartless
Catch me creeping in the darkness
Sitting by a tree smoking cigars
Spectating on you from afar
Specter in the night b**h I'm ghostly
Scythe in my hands yeah you know me
Cloak on my head yeah I'm the reaper
Don't look at my face you won't recognize a feature
Spooky I'm scary I'm the skeleton king
Coming out You TV would've thought I was the ring
You know your girl a trick but my dick a treat
That ain't ectoplasm that is my skeet
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Gonna steal your soul in a snapchat that's a fatal frame
I haunt your dreams so you know my name
Call me Loch Ness I'm a monster
Dressed in all black like a mobster
Got a Bee and she spooky
Decent black that's OUGI
Creeping out at night white snakes
Apparitions appearing with no stakes
Red eyes popping out the dark
Setting flames to my soul from a spark
Ghost of Akina in a inertia drift
On its way to the Graveyard shift

[Verse 3: B Money]
Dead man no speak
Got a flame spittin' skeleton
In the graveyard shift
Undead crypt we black swordsman
What you handlin' got an arm cannon
Blastin' demons stop weepin'
When they got yo hoe in semen
Got these local fiends creepin'
Hittin' ghouls with the roast
My type fire and ghost
I can be reckless
But call me your 1-800 exorcist
I'm like mob psycho
When that mic roll
sh** it tighter than GECO
Catch me in a dual for Nito
Like Han Solo vs Greedo
Smash you the face
With mace
Leave no trace
Forget the case
I'm in a haste
Shadow realm where we livin'
Zetsubou is what I'm feelin'
When we spit pyromancy
Makin' the insurgency
Bring the sun down
Time to run this town
Pa** the crown
Ya f**ing clown

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