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YAGI - Boba Island lyrics

[Hook: Yagi]
Boba island, ride a wave
Slippin' trip'n flip a page
Ain't no boba in the cup, gotta get it
Going out to find a way

Boba shop thats near the sea
Fresh honeydew tea
Where the Boba Boyz are running free
And we chilling underneath the trees

[Verse 1: Ren McPurp]
I sip-sip and we trip-trip
Got milk tea in my whip-whip
No grip, yeah so we drift-drift
The Boyz on so don't skip-skip
Gra** green in this lost land
Questin' for the shop, fam
Blue sky, and the air clear
On a boba run, havin' no fear

GPS from the back pack
Wrong turn, gotta back track
4 lefts, wait scratch that
Go 3 rights, on flat matte
Then hit the breaks, gotta pat-pat
Drift away, cause a smoke stack
And that boba shop?
We pa**ed that
So we rolled back
Cause we side tracked

Now we on the way
Boba shopin' tea for days
Where the sky meets the sea
And we living care free
Pull aside on the way
Give a call to Josue
Wheres the shop, gotta know
Craving boba, gotta go

And we back on the road
Gotta go, getting cold
Bright lights from the shop
We hit the breaks gotta stop
Getting out from the car
The whole squad has come far
Cause the trips been bizarre
Open doors from afar, yeah


[Verse 2: 2DKai]
Take a look, at the sand
You see it's full of Boba Seeds
I'm at the shop, I run this b**h
Whatcha need, I got it
Boba pants, Boba shoes
For Boba girls, and Boba dudes
Boba cravin' come and get a sip
You know it's hella lit

Boba Muthaf**in' Rhetoric
Hop in the boba whip, a n***a rented it
My 86 is undrivable and I dented it
Six months since I been in it
[Lyrics from: https:/]
No gas, not a little bit
I been stuck here, since 96'
Milk tea we up in this b**h

This monk found me
Taught me how to rhyme
Sold me boba seeds
For a f**ing dime
He said
Hurry quick
n***a take a sip
Of this lit stuff
In that pink cup
Cold Milk
Got that good luck
So listen up when I'm speaking

Boba Island Has A secret
Hoping you can keep it
Cuz it pretty f**ing creepy
Gotta whisper on the beat
There's a monk on the island
Who spits boba when he speaks
Heard's he really from the streets
He got the Uzi with the heat
Yeah he never f**ing sleeps
So watch out for Boba Beach


[Verse 3: 1-800-EXORCIST]
Sunny D we trappin' this
Back again with the exorcist
Praisin' neva hating
On vacation from the hidden mist
All water no where to run
Forget the cross I got the gun
Third eye tranquility
Ain't boba without the seeds

Tell the crew back to sea
Catching waves and getting Z's
Coconut these hoe
Cause I be making dough
The money yeah we gwappin'
Delfinos yeah we mobbin'
But all is good because
These tunes be f**ing boppin'

Stuntin' down the beach
Call my a** kaiki
Conman woooo I be Ason
Yall know how I be
Ima lead Bancho
Black stripes, now you see
White tiger on my back
Bobas poured with the lean

Take this job for a pot
Now your a** double crossed
Now I'm here straight chillin'
With the boys on the top
Hit it like ken blast
Raise the sail on the mast
LB bound is where we be
Rappin' about boba seeds


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