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Y2tnb - d**hMoon lyrics

Let's do this
I want to get this over and done with
Put condom ear n***a, bit, aye
I'm so happy to be doing this song
Aye, put a condom on your ear n***a, f** what you heard
Man, a n***a ain't a nerd, I don't want no stupid bird
All my friends are really fake, date my ex man youse a snake
Man a n***a on fire like a t-bone steak
Man yall n***as just flex but have you run up a check
And who's listening to trashy cause that n***a ain't next
Saying n***as bite your flow like your name triple x
Man a n***a gonna need this song
Them n***as that just sing along
Yall girls just want to see what's long
[Lyrics from: https:/**hmoon.html]
Swinging like the king of kong
Me and Justin gray
Hit you with one verse today
Yall n***as better move before I hit like the atomic day
Girl betrayed like the other day, but who cares I will make it someday
[Verse 2] (justin2gray)
n***as hate. hate. hate, but they can't imitate
n***as try to be my gang but these n***as snake
n***as try to be my gang but these n***as hate
Say they 10 toes down but n***as really fake
Rhyme so immaculate, these n***as tried jacking it
n***as think I'm dummy, turn ya momma to your mummy
n***a ain't sh** funny ill come up in your house and put twenty-
In your f**ing spouse n***a
Got your main b**h by my f**ing side I ain't playing no games eat yo b**h like a side
Eat yo b**h like some.. f**ing gravy n***a i ain't playing cause im so f**ing wavy

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