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Y2K - It's Okay, I Promise lyrics

[Verse 1: Clairmont The Second]
Alright, so
Without being rude, I don't really like you
But I'll give you a chance, and
I feel bad for the fact I said we'll date in advance
I mean, I didn't say that, but I said give me some days
So I could process what I'm doing
And had to hit up the friends
Homie told me I should try it out, you kind of cute
And I commuted to her dance so that I could compute
Rehearsal for some dancin' thing that we were both in
I looked you in the eyes from the row that I'm sitting in
I might have made a mistake, by letting her slip
Luckily you still like me so I have time to fix
This problem that I caused, so trust that I am with
You 100 percent through this whole relationship
You called me a jerk I guess that I am deserving it
I didn't know that what I did would make you cry a bit
When I don't see you I don't like you, but I'm trying it
But when I see I don't think about just leaving this
So we, a couple of weeks in, texting, chatting, tweeting
Meeting all of your sweet friends
Distant, you down the street, and
Not a couple of blocks, but a bus or maybe two
But the second ride not too long
Bout a stop, or maybe two
Seeing each other on Fridays at the
Community center, the space in between
Those days made me think, what am I doing

[Verse 2: Harrison and Clairmont The Second]
You don't like her that much
Your homie told you to try it
And she see you kinda clingy
Your love don't match, you don't like it
I know I don't (I know I don't)
I'mma end it in a couple weeks
The texts I wrote (The texts I wrote)
Shows the whole time I wanted to leave
I barely wrote (I barely wrote)
Songs but I would I blame it, I'm weak
At the time I was a dancer
And songs were hard to release
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I wasn't the fastest writer
And still struggling to today
Dance and her was what I had
And we barely talk today
But in those days early on I almost left
Then I saw her on Friday and said "I'll wait"
Told myself that it's okay
I'll wait, and I'll see what happens

[Bridge 1] (x4)
Okay, It's okay
Promise, I promise

[Bridge 2] (x2)
Whether we together or we not, I'm gon' be alright
Don't you worry bout me, I promise that I'll sleep at night
You messed up then, you messed up, in my mess up
I got extra lives
You took an unexpected left
When I thought that we was going right

[Verse 3: Clairmont The Second]
So, it's a couple of months or something
We fightin' and stuff for nothing
You know relationships in high school
Wasting time some times
The relationship progressed but stopped before it touched 9
The reason why is real life, Kendrick said it '09
I don't wife em if a ***** is her best friend
I wish I heard that song before because I wasted
More than half of a year, with the girl that I dated
Within a week's time of talking
And I was ugly, my goodness
Her guy best friend that I met at one of my performances
Said he liked it, but obviously was counterfeit
Our last week together she texted me some foolishness
She told me, "What if I had feelings for another kid?"
Im like, I know the kid so go have fun with that kid
Remember how we started, I made you cry a bit
From saying it might not work out, I do remember it
I didn't know you cried at first, to me you texted it
But it's okay I promise cause I'm the best candidate
And I will find another knowing you can't handle it

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