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Y2K - GLOING PAIN$ lyrics

You don't know me
You never knew me anyway

[Verse 1]
Let me tell you how I managed to get out
Went from sleeping on my manager's couch
Running out of battery power
Trapping off a laptop
Just so I could go and put my hand to my mouth uh
Now it feels like I'm the man of the hour
Told the paparazzi go and put the cameras down
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2015 they wanna throw they shade on the kid
But I'm shining on my own so they all fans of me now
Dropped "DAMN" and god damn
Had to break the internet on my Y2K sh**
Moved from Indiana with a couple hundred dollars in my pocket
I'm a drop out
f** an education
Took a couple years in my momma's basement
Blood, sweat, tears put in I stayed patient

But it's a different set of struggles when they know your name
Guess that's why they call it GLOING PAIN$


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