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Y2G - XXL lyrics

[Verse 1: T-TIME]
Yo its the T dash T I M motherf**ing E
On this track coming cool, sipping on some green tea
I'm wilding out hey yo call me flock guy
Hella cartoony but still mature Conker
I'm eccentric, I'm electric I'm Blanka
Green a** boy with the orange Mohawk
Silly a** rapper, Willy Wonka
Big and strong, talking like a f**ing Tonka
Rap game too easy, like I'm using cheat codes
Got more than infinite rounds out the culo
I'm too wicked, I'm a goddamn sorcerer
Wink wink, I got all these pretty b**hes hella bewitched
Yo can I kick it? (Yes you can)
Swiftly moving like a f**ing ninja
Incognito, B you can't see me
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But when I start rapping, I'm [?]

[Verse 2: Y2G]
Tag team champ in the building call that lockdown
Boulders on the waist, best believe I let it smack down
Still taking your b**h over the kitchen sink
Got a gizzard for my sh** like its energy drink
It's summer time
And I'm still pale as a motherf**er
Can he rhyme?
Now that's just plain as a motherf**er
Catch me on my days off I'm eating, reading comics
No ice on the neck but I'm shining like a comet
Life on the road boy I never left the driveway
Sleeping all the time, do not disturb is what the signs say
Best in the game there will be no other
Samurai verse call me [?] b**h

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