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Y2G - SAILOR GOON lyrics

[Verse 1 - Y2G]
Two gold earrings, form a super fusion
You know I'm on my villain sh**, cause I am Metahuman
Young Namekian, I'm getting neck again
Like I give a motha f** I'm spraying with the tech again
All Day Animay, I'm all day gettin' paid
All day Super Saiyan, features cost a couple K
Samurai swiping, like I'm Jin on my Champloo
My figures make you bitter, lookin' salty when I come through

[Verse 2 - DR.DUDE]
I'm choppin' up this track cause I'm a certified Samurai, Champloo
Like I will end you and you and them too
All my girls lookin' like they are on K-On!
All of your girls are lookin' like they drew them wrong
Damn dog who's f**in' sicker than this?
Cause other than them dyin' anime moms I am the illest-
Motherf**er in the rap game, yeah man, I'm hot
Hangin' with the rest of #TGS no 30 Rock
But I'm lookin' for the anime Tina Fey
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I'm James Franco with the body pillow, uh
I'm with Misato no shade to Rei
It's just Ms. Katsuragi got me like nobody does though, uh
Young Shinji in the robot doin' mecha sh**
Dunkin' on the haters all net, no Pacific Rim
And I get a lot of that “you really look like him”
I'm anime Charlie Day it's always Sunny, never dim, biaatch

[Verse 3 - T-TIME]
Time to rap this up like teriyaki sushi
Hop up in the function with my Naruto Lamborghini
I got that evil laugh, Light Yagami
Just like I planned, bih you know what I mean
Rap battle anybody, Art of War, Sun Tzu
Flexin' so hard I'll take on ya whole crew
Ya girl got the hotness, Ah My Goddess
Disrespect the squad, commit f**in' Seppuku
Cut you up into pieces and stuff you into a cask
Save the day lookin' smooth as hell, Tuxedo Mask
Lames wanna hate, they wanna f** wit me
I don't give a sh**, boy I wrote the Book of 5 Rings

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