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Y2G - Life Saver lyrics

[Hook: Gensin Gee]
You know we're the best...
And we stay Fresh To d**h
Pimp my ride Stunna and put it in my victory
Hustle is what we do best, chasin' all the robbery
Gensin Gee rapin' and ridin' a submarine
Ghetto Smaxx n***a is really really blessed; by the real Jesus Christ
And we never get lazy like many other crews
So just freeze, coz in my virtuary
I'ma life saver... Yep!

[Verse 1: Y2G]
Im a well known creature; k** a n***a quick
Treat em as my dinner then turn around and split
Blow em up fast, rappin' is my future
World in my hand and im standing for conclusure
Im the f**ing black knight, save a n***a's a**
Hold my head high, perfoming all this cash
And im....ready to fly, life never last
Live until you die its the new world rank
b**h you ain't my type, money at the bank
I shine lighters in the light, my n***a need a house
Build him up a shack, i really gotta bounce
They call us Ghetto Smaxx, i think i heard a sound
If sh** was real, i think it'd probably stink
Oh! sh**! The crime just started
Plz dont blink, Ghetto Smaxx got u busted, Yuh!

[Hook: Gensin Gee]

[Verse 2: Gensin Gee]
I've got some punchlines to k** the strangers
I also trespa** against the gansters
They call us Ghetto Smaxx coz i came here for a k**in'
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I put my voice over the edge thats why im feeling
I put my legs on your neck, that's why im freezing
They call us Transformers, puttin' people in commas
We're also party rockers coz we party all night
They call us blood donators coz we save people's lives
We got some money chasing us we ain't saying nothing
Trying to fill a bottle of jar we ain't trying
Ghetto Smaxx in the building talking for free
I pull off crease, try to piss off n***as
And everytime we get cash we dont have to panic
We sh**ting on these n***as like triple mc
And we stay fly, we stay high in the country
And we k**ing these n***as for real we dont dont care

[Hook: Gensin Gee]

[Verse 3: Sling Shod]
Uh! This is your boy Sling Shod
Im S L I N G dot Shod
I guess we fell like its a miracle
Because the way i like Mimi is incredible
If it was countable, it could have been invincible
I tried to call her but her phone was unavailable
Dude this is my rap not even Mission Impossible
I can't get the reason why she's so s**y and flexible
She tried to double, one of the f**ing trouble
She had never realised nowadays im untouchable
The love i have to her is so unbelievable
If it was believable it would have been miserable
She did last night, she made me so comfortable
The time i'd start to rap is inspeakable
I belong to Ghetto Smaxx I'm the Sling Shod
Never try to cross my a**, i am a king

[Hook: Gensin Gee]

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