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[Verse 1: T-TIME]
Ichi, ni, san to the gatdamn shi
Y'all mother f**ers don't know nothin' about me
My hair game skrong, super sayian Goku
Spit fire all over this track, Avatar Roku
Boy imma k** you, Asuka Soryu
T-Time used harden while y'all soften like tofu
Too many bakas tryina throw me off my rap game
I'm Fairy Tail's Natsu breathing them hot flames
No b**hes wanna f** you, yo dick chibi
My dick pretty and huge sh** be ōkii
I'm up in a harem surrounded by anime freak hoes
T-Time crazy like a fanfic, Sonic x Shadow
White gla**es, tricks up my sleeve, Ikari Gendo
Track too raw flip you upside down rap judo
But you are already dead, I'm rap game Kenshiro
I'm the ruler of za warduru, T-Time Dio Brando

[Verse 2: Y2G]
Its Mr. pure bred like super saiyan
Super Gario, man f** what these koopas saying
Rap game psychic you can call me Mr Mime
Game f**ed up like its Krillin's hairline
Yung Oda Nobunaga, Y2G
Anime sh**, I'm 2d
I'm on some sh** like Ghibli
Condo on each wrist that's a couple thousand Gs, G
Mother f**er
Never met one of your girls I ain't came on
Best in the game buddy call me War Greymon
Graceful on the bars like I'm doing ballet
Push an Eva unit man f** a valet
Shadow realm card game, Kaiba keep my deck stacked
Dick so big I gotta call it third impact
k**ing this sh**, it might as well be Yamcha
ALL DAY ANIMAY I'm ridin on a panda

[Verse 3: YUNG $KRUF]
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Now I know I'm not too anime
But I'm gonna spit anyway
The only anime I watched
Pokemon back in the day
Pistol on my hip, you can call it One Piece
Call up Officer Jenny ‘cause I'm f**in' the police
God Squad back, you know we ain't playin'
Talk a lot of sh**, now we goin' super saiyan
Guns sprayin', like it's using f**in' water gun
Eat a b**h out, man now she call me Lickitung
I'm so high, ridin' on a cloud, Goku
All Day Animay, eatin' straight tofu
One of a kind, I am a god, Exodia
Heart of the cards b**h, and now I am destroyin' ya
Like a holographic trading card when all my ice shine
Call me dick “Bebop” and she ride it like Faye Valentine

[Verse 4: DR.DUDE]
Yo, yo yo
I'm eatin' hambones, I'm Rigby
Mordecai there with me
I'm winnin' pink slips pinker than girls' hair on Mirai Nikki, uh
I'm Takahashiin that RX-7
With those decals from Angel Beats! Stickers from heaven
So I'm swaggin' like Yurippe
Cheatin' d**h like Action Replay
I'm a walking meme my body is ready I'm Reggie Fils-Aime
Captain Buggy laughin' at your money biatch
Eatin' spicy mapo tofu in my Fiat
I'm Tenshi
I'm inchin' for the clicker I'm switchin' it to Totoro
I'm eatin' up all the ramen I'm chillin' up in Sapporo
Rap game Steve-O snortin' wasabi, feel that tomorrow
When I'm in Tokyo coppin' the box-sets you can't borrow
On the Famicom like “what's an NES you baka dude”
Smashin' buttons in technicolor I got an attitude
This All Day Animay
"Huh? who is this dude anyway?"
I'm King from f**in' Tekkenyou'll hear K.O. if we ever play

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