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Y - BOOM PAP lyrics

Yo, is this mic on? Its Y$$? here
Bout to kick it back with a little Boom Pap, inspired by the 90's

{Verse 1:Y$$?}
D'on my Tommy Hill sweater to go sweat her
The go getter chasing the nectar
Like a mice to chedder or crack heads to crack pepper
You blow debtors? I blow feathers
Put my name in bold letters
Put my name in gods sentence
Put my name in gods entrance
Cos my vein got not limits
Trim the hedge to see you timid, got my tims I sqash the linen
Pants sagging got the britches
Machiavelli on some b**hes
Power in the shotty, so we hittas, free my ni**as
Legal k**ers, legal dealers
Kids drownin' on some cigarettes
To take the edge of the 'riddellen' roulette n'
Cash got us transparent, so they out here like Capser ghost writing
Sweating bullets transpiring
Feeling kim Jong ill sick n tired of the tyrant
Daimond packed ready for retirement
But the super duper slackers s**ed all the super Up
Like its soup time and now we dying
f** rhyming Bruh

{Hook: Y$$?}
Boom pap boom pap why money be the trap?
Boom pap boom pap why money be the trap?
Boom pap boom pap why money be the trap?

{Verse 2:Y$$?}
I got a noose so I'm hanging for some news
Tell me
Half the population overdosing on junk food
Other half search for scraps like Sunday vacuums
Ma**es idolize those with tattoos
But you got real scars, real stories you don't wanna be that dude
At the end of a wesson smith
Aussie so we ain't crisp, we chippin'
On some bandwagon wheels
Cause Everybody wanna grime like Chip n ball like Pippen
They say the slope slippery Got us slippin'
For a tip n
f** boys slippin' down in dms, trynna get a tip in
Nip slip n
Wheres my kin?

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That's my best friend, that's my best friend
Crossing off the fake like ni**as be watching me 'X men'
Like A risky text , the risk that i accept, as i send
When I put my thoughts to pen
Thought crime Winston smith would think
Trynna dodge thought police
Talk is cheap so i copped some 'newspeak'
Dust it off like sandy cheeks
Catch me deep in bikini bottoms
Fly since 98 Shy of 99
So i got millennial problems
That's a thousand


{Verse 3:Y$$?}
Talking numbers, starting to get heavy, start to lift my own body
No one gotta press me, eject me ?
Creditors can't forget me
Or decept me, claim it as we
They only stuck around, cause they see money in me
(Check it x 5)
Trynna capitalize, F**k a capitilist
Trynna terrorise, F**k a radicalist
Take a couple bucks, leave us kids for dust
While they dine on cash-ews for lunch
They rock rocks
But the only crown j**els I got were nuts
Got me rocking from this 'Balbullsh**', I'm out
Got me quacking seeing ducks
The new heavy weight champ Donald Trump(Donald Duck)
The worlds Looney time to wisen up
Its hunting season and this time around its duck
You better duck
Cause the bottom always rises up, like a** f**k
Work for my esé's
15 pages
The fragrance of equal smells greatest
You can't enslave us
Cause one on one our one and one beats your one and none
So you're one and done
So Blow yourself trump
You dumb motherf**k
We about to run a muck on you motherf**king chump

Uh, so
Boom pap boom pap, why money be the trap?
Boom pap boom pap, why money be the trap?
Boom pap boom pap, why money be the traaaaap?
Why money be the tra-a-a-a-p?

So tell me, why is money a f**cking trap?

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