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Y.v.e. 48 - On Your Own lyrics

[Verse 1]
I thought you could die by loneliness
But my heart is gone, love lost
And I'm feeling blessed

Empty car on a full road
No map, don't know how to get home
Navigate yourself by starlight
Once again I spend a lonely night
Looking up at the sky, dream big but realize
It's really all only in your mind
Every time you're loving blind
So don't be getting confused
You're on your own till love is a loose
Don't last for long [?]
Just dyes a face, lost bliss

Before you know, you're on your own again
Looking at pictures all alone again
Past memories float away
[?] in the river not here to say
Shouted past dream and making you pay
Been on the same road for so many days
Blinded by the headlight
It's time to get your head right

It's time to get your head right
(Get your head right, get your head right)

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[Verse 2]
I'm tired all the time
But you know I could never sleep
Lay awake the whole damn night
Memories stuck on repeat
Looking out the window
Thinking about the times I didn't show
Should've cried and let me know
If I ever thought I was letting you go

I rather you tear me apart
And smile and say you need a new start
Sleepless nights with nowhere to go
So much effort when nothing to show
Tell me why I laugh, why I cry
If the next day you don't know why
Why I laugh, why I smile
If the next day your lover's going by

See for me sometimes lately
Think I'm best on my own maybe
Double bed, one pillow no lately
Knows my heart, can feel that you hate me
Please forgive me for all my ignorance
Love lost, I left it in past tense
(In past tense, in past tense)

It's time to get your head right
(Get your head right, get your head right)

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