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Y.U.C. - Cruise Control lyrics

Yeah we ridin, we ridin
We ridin

Ridin for my n***as
Ridin for my n***as
Riding for my n***as
Cruise control, for
My n***as yeah we ridin...x2

I think the question isss
Who the f** am I
Crazy 88 muf**a that still be down
To ride
Oh you wanna be fly
Throw you out that sky
And you can't get no slice
Of my american pie
I think you need, some aveno
Yup, ya block too dry
And um what i spit is d**
So if ya listening then yo
Brain might fry
See i can damage those guys
But i choose to leave them fragile
See thats a rap unravel
Make it rain, like Seattle
Hol up
Rats gon rat
Snakes gon rattle
Racks on racks
Thats why i stay on travel
See the judge gon judge
Ay n***a f** yo gavel
Blacks on blacks
But sh**ting on these n***as so
Its black on browm
Midwest flow i rep, Chi-town
Too many White girls n***a lets snowplow
Cooley smoking loud can you hear him now
Smoking so much loud can't hear no sound
I think a n***a went deaf
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[Verse 2]
Ay, what they really talkin
Is it money n***a
My flow is ice cold
I spit december blizzards
And you are in a different winter
That barely even snow
I know some people that got a lot of white
And they say come and get this blow
Im insane bout my doe
Ay what you crazy about
See i got them army guns
And yo sh** is just baby scout
And if you touch my bread
No hands is what you get
And we stay at yo head
Like cosmetologist
And they'll have to dig you up
Like archaeologist
Now you are left in the air
Your like some polon beeyyotch
Im only on some honest sh**
You really can't f** wit I
Choppa slide you to the left
Make a n***a do the cha-cha slide
My goons is down to ride
And yo life is just oh so fiction
And i gets paid
Like catholic school tuition
I see that money from a distance
Good 20/20 vision
And i'm addicted to this sh** like i need that
Intervention, its mr. everytime you see me always in the kitchen
And mrs eveytime you see her always washing dishes
Yo figure, i dun figured it out
And i know a chick name nina
That loves to kiss in the mouth
And if you kiss in her mouth
sh** you'll probably tear ya lips up
Full clip and that choppa is my director

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