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Y. Teezy - Man O' Le' Year lyrics

Verse 1-
RIP Jakari
Still workin' towards that new condo & Ferrari
Been getting' better lately my life has been a safari not givin' a f** bout' my actions or the need to say sorry
Doin' it for my city, county, even my Harleys
Mean my riders who always hold me down and never part me
Do this for kasy, my father, Tonya, willy and maurie
FCOE cause this fam is more permanent than a sharpie
Aware of people that say they miss me but they never call me
Ain't saying no names, I'm making the flames
I'm stating the facts, so stay in ya' place
n***as wanna stop my construction while I'm paving the way
Really middle finger to my past, I'm waving to my latest
Wasn't with me at my lows, you don't deserve me at my greatest
Came back strong off of aiming at my haters, I was stressing so therefore I took a f**ing hiatus
Tell them n***as clean up, noticing that while I write this sh** I haven't even seen my mother up to 3 months
But that's another story n***a I'm about to beam up and I'm married to this sh** you better know I got a prenup
I, used to be the gentleman that they could call up on, most of my n***as dogging b**hes with they collar on
And women these days be the loosest don't care what they doing as long as they got some nail polish on
Big shoutout to DejaVu, me and her we got a bond, she finally in my crew, we bout' to be dropping bombs
And Adiya still ain't with me but its cool, cause in the future when she get that ring, she gon' be my soccer mom

Yeah, you f**in' wit' the man of the year
n***as want the best well I'm here, here, here

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Verse 2-
f** Yo' Favorite Rapper, Of Course, No Intercourse
I won't be happy till' I get my f**in' brother in a Porsche
Say they could handle the heat, but I'll never pa** em' a torch
While we was up in the booth, them n***as had stayed on the porch
Gotta' put that work in for cars that are European
Its obvious n***as couldn't switch in the lane we in
People that say they could help you nowadays be deceiving
I'm workin' so I could see the view my n***a crizzy seein' uh
Wrote this sh** at 3:16, tryna' make a living out of 3:16s
Video from hype Williams would do it that's my dream and I'm gon' pay like half-a-mill to see me on that split screen
n***as they be funny man like how you switch teams, cut ya' hands off so that they can see they wrist freeze
They don't, make em‘, like us anymore, well, f** it, we gon' be sellin' out the stores wit'
Nationwide tours, mansion wit' marble floors
Flexing wit' Rolexes outta' lamborghini doors
I see this in my dreams, in my life, you decide yours
With b**hes dishing out gossip-I say they doin' they chores
Had a convo wit' cinco he saw this happening for me made me proud that my brother took time to imagine it for me, uh
FCOE that's what the logo said
I lust for b**hes out of eye candy photo spreads
f** Yo' Favorite Rapper If I ain't him he'll be done sooner or later
It's the perfect time to hate him
I'm k**ing em' whoever they all gotta' be cremated
Think he having a ball, well I'ma have to deflate em'
Think you stuntin' that's f**ery as if, no matter how many women or benzes you crashed in
The woman that you love ain't nun to them, they ran a train on yo' buss down

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