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Y. Teezy - Lil' n***a lyrics

Verse 1-
Windows down in that mali'
Only in the chevy no Pontiacs
Zone 6 where they found me, spittin' that flow that insomniac
Ride out, I'm on the road to my dreams I ain't got no time for procrastinating
n***as waste time, I don't feel that sh**, I ain't got no time for no masturbation uh
I got sh** to prove, sh** to lose, sh** to choose, I got a fam to make proud accounts to fill
Turn 19 tryna make 19 mill, f** Yo Favorite Rapper yeah I say I'm a lil too bold for that, but, n***a I don't really play around
No seesaw in a cul-de-sac yeah

Where ya' goin', where ya' goin' lil n***a
Oh you got big dreams, better show it lil' n***a
Tomorrow ain't promised, living for today
So I'm gon' work my a** off and stunt on n***as that said I can't
Cuz' I got big moves to make
Model hoes to f**
Expensive sh** to buy
People not to trust
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Verse 2-
To the top I come like a condom tip
I'll remind a b**h, I'm the best to do it, no stressing to it, n***a I'm the sh**, uh
I started recording at 14, I'm 19 I jus' got great
Years pa**ed, gotta' get off my a** no time for mistakes no time to wait
Everyday is a repeat, what the f** is happening
Putting in work in the studio, all this mix and mastering
f** Yo' Favorite Rapper, middle finger b**h I'm better
f** whoever, you step up, you'll get defeated, will get severed
I got beat down, rejected, flexed on, ridiculed
Abandoned, sh**s pitiful, so many times that were critical
Promises that people made, them sh**s were broken ain't fall through, so don't be mad if you bullsh** and I got ya' number and don't call you
I don't really f** wit' alotta people, squares outta' my circle
FCOE five ring sh**, I got a ill crew now that's king sh**
Weight on my shoulders, money all on my mental
You don't know what I been through
But I'm on point like a pencil

*inspirational speech*

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